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10 Thanksgiving Foods and whether they’re safe for dogs or not

Thanksgiving is celebrated once a year when cold weather starts to approach. It is a perfect holiday for gathering your loved ones and enjoying that delicious dinner. Most of us can’t wait to finally taste that roasted turkey. But, there are plenty of other dishes that make our mouth water at the mere thought of them. Yum!

There are a bunch of things a typical holiday table has to offer and pumpkins, sweet potatoes or green bean casserole are just some of them. While making these zesty recipes, your dog was probably very interested in the kitchen events. You might have given him a bite of turkey or pumpkin pie, but is that really safe for him?

While there are some of the foods you can easily share with your dog (under certain conditions), others might lead to an upset tummy. For example, feeding turkey can be even beneficial for your dog. But only if you give him white, plain meat with no seasoning or skin on it. On the other hand, turkey bones are not suitable for dogs.

But what about veggies, stuffing, gravy and other must-have foods of this holiday feast? Some of those are completely safe, while others have to be fed in moderation. And some can even be harmful, so always inform yourself before feeding your dog with new food.

The amount of veggies you decide to feed your dog with is also very important. Canines are on the carnivore side of omnivores, so they don’t need as much vegetables in their diet as we do.

Added vegetables should not exceed 10% of your dog’s regular food intake. And when feeding a veggie or a fruit your pup never tried before, start slow with small quantities. If your dog doesn’t show any digestive issues and enjoys it, you can gradually increase the amount.

But, let’s get back to why we’re here. Your Thanksgiving leftovers!!! Thanks to Barking Royalty you can find out what foods are safe to share with your pup and which ones should be avoided. Also, you will discover how to prepare some dishes in a way your dog can eat them as well.

The infographic below shows the common Thanksgiving dishes that should or shouldn’t be fed to dogs.

Have some leftovers still? Now you don’t have to throw them all away. And plus, you can also make your dog happier as we know how much they enjoy eating “human food”. Don’t spoil him too much though! The food we eat doesn’t always come with the same benefits for your dog too.

Before diving in this great infographic, remember that in any case, moderation is the key! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you and your loved ones enjoyed spending some more time together!

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