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Abyssinian Sand Terrier


Actual origination of Abyssinian Sand Terrier is unknown, but it is assumed that it might have developed in Africa. Earlier, it was thought to be producing some magical healing powers as its warm body was used for warming bed during winter, hot compress for healing ache or pain. It is also believed that they are developers of the modern-day hairless breed which include Chinese Crested Dog. Due to their ‘naked’ looks, they were not appealed by Britain.

African Hairless Dog

Facts About Abyssinian Sand Terrier

Breed Group Purebred
Breed Type Terrier, Hairless dog
Country of Origin Africa
Other Names African Hairless Dog, African Hairless Terrier
Size Medium
Height 15 to 20 inches
Weight 21-39 lbs
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information CKC
Shedding NA
Hypoallergenic NA
Litter Size NA
Colour Bronze, greyish black, black, elephant grey, pale sandy, mottled
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Hairless
Price NA

Temperament and Personality

The dog is an affectionate one and can please their owners quite well. Being fearless, they can protect the family well and would rarely bark, but training can make them do so.

Abyssinian Sand Terriers



The breed loves to run and play especially alongside a bicycle. They can go for jogging as a good companion and enjoy playing with kids.


As the dog is hairless, they require minimal grooming sessions. Just a regular bathing to avoid skin dryness is necessary.

Health Problems

Abyssinian Sand TerrierDue to the presence of sensitive skin, the dog can be affected by skin disease and even skin cancer. During winters, they need particular attention because they have no coat to protect themselves. Too much exposure of sunlight can also cause an issue.


The puppies should be trained to be obedient because if they have less interacting sessions, they might suffer from mental imbalances which leads them to be disobedient.


Good quality dry food rich in nutrition should be given at least twice a day.

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