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Affenpoos are a mix between the Affenpinscher and a Poodle breed dog, essentially the tiny Affenpinscher and Toy Poodle. The Affenpinschers are one of the oldest toy dog breeds known for their monkeyish face, looks and personality traits. On the other hand, poodles originate from Germany and been popular in the 15th century. The Affenpoo has originated within the last few decades and has evolved as one of the popular the designer mixes. Highly popular in the USA, it has been an important part of the first designer dog movement held in the 1990s. As smaller in size, they are ideal for apartment living. However, they are not recommended in houses with small children.

Facts About Affenpoo

Breed Group Companion Dogs, Toy Dogs
Breed Type Crossbred
Country of Origin USA
Other Names Affen Poo, Affendoodle, Affen-Poo
Size & Height Medium

  • Male: 10-20 inches
  • Female: 10-20 inches
Weight 7-9/ 25-30 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ICDR, ACHC, DRA, DBR, DDKC
Shedding Low
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size 3-7 puppies
Color Brown, black or grey shades
Life Expectancy 12-16 years
Coat Coat may be curly, Short to medium curly coat
Price $900-1000

Temperament and Personality

The Affenpoos are very energetic, playful, and extremely active breeds. They love to stay indoors provided they have enough opportunity to indulge in different activities and games. Essentially happy dogs, they then tend to be quiet and remain confident as well as loyal to their masters. Developing an excellent bond with their masters, they are highly sociable and do not like to be left alone as this might end up developing destructive or anxious behavior.

They benefit a lot from mental stimulation and get happy with puzzle toys. When bored, they bark excessively and become destructive, so keep them entertained with a variety of toys. Additionally, they are very protective and suspicious natured animals. Although kid-friendly, avoid small children to go near them. Affenpoos are very smart, alert dogs hence good as watchdogs.



Moderate exercise or short walks every day is essentially important to let them remain fit. It also allows them to express their feeling and curiosity. You may even offer toys to play that provides enough opportunity to undergo indoor exercising. Playing with them can be fun as these dogs prefer playing and perform tricks.


Grooming will be much easier as they require minimal efforts. However, you might need to take them to a professional groomer to get it plucked. The best feature of this breed is is minimum shedding making them an ideal pet to roam around your house. You need only bathe them when needed but make sure to clean the ears and teeth on a regular basis. You need to brush and comb them twice a week to keep their furs and coats mat free and avoid tangles. Nails should also be cleaned regularly. Use a rubber bristle brush once a week to keep them in excellent condition. Eyes, ears, and teeth must also be cleaned from time to time to avoid infections.

Health problems

The Affenpoo is prone to several health problems that are commonly inherited from their parent dogs. But there is no such guarantee that every single Affenpoo will be affected by these conditions. The possible issues include cataracts, bloating problems, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation issues. But as they are very new hybrids, most diseases are not known that affect them usually. Some common issues are eye and heart disorders.


Affenpoos are pleasurable to train as they are very hard working dogs. They are also highly intelligent and very willing. But these dogs can be stubborn at times and might not follow commands easily. While training your pet, always remain patient and make sure to use positive methods. You can keep them interested in the training by adopting fun tricks. You can also put them into kindergarten classes to teach socializing with other pets, children and various conditions. While training, you must stay calm and firm, and reward or praise for good behavior.


Affenpoos must be fed with a high-quality diet. But the amount of food depends on the size of your dog. In case you wish to feed your dog with dry food, give them 3/4th to half cups of food. If they are a little bigger, give them 1 and a half cup of dry food in a day. You must divide the food into various portions and feed them during the entire day. You can also add can dog food for your Affenpoo and adjust it with the amount of dry food given.

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