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The Airedoodle is mainly a hybrid dog breed which is a mix of the Poodle and the Airedale Terrier dog. The hybrid results in the formation of a fairly big size dog which is an intelligent and well-natured animal. This breed originated in the mid-1800s. The Airedale Terrier of the 19th century served in the World War was a guard dog and used for hunting purposes, while the Poodle originated in France in the 17th century that was more of a water dog known for its duck hunting. However, the Airedoodle is an American breed, and this designer dog mainly has been new in North America. Unfortunately, because of their hybrid nature, they cannot be a part of the AKC in spite of the fact that their parents are members of it.

Facts About Airedoodle

Other Names Airedale Terrier Poodle Mix, Airedalepoo
Coat soft, wiry, medium, dense, coarse
Colour Brown, Brown, Black and White, White, Golden
Breed Type Companion Dog, Terrier
Group (of Breed) Crossbreed
Life span 10-15 years
Size and height 22-26 inches
Weight 40-65 pounds
Temperament Loyal, affectionate, friendly, energetic, intelligent
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes
Barking Rare
Shedding Yes
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DDKC, DRA, ACHC, IDCR, DBR
Originated in The United States of America
Price 1000$

Temperament and Personality

The Airedoodle has a gentle nature that goes very well with kids, other dogs, and even other pets. They have high levels of energy but also maintain calmness. Their eagerness and pleasing manner make them a great gamer, and they love engaging in ball throwing games or other fun activities. They have a love for companionship, and if left alone it can result in naughty behaviors or other mischiefs or may start digging or chewing to express their unhappiness and distress. However, they can be excellent family pets. They are loyal, intelligent and good-natured but at times may reveal their stubborn streaks. Airedoodles are very friendly and enjoy being a part of any fun activity. They are also very curious and energetic pets but not too fussy or aggressive.



The Airedoodle is a large sized dog and thrives on a lot of exercises. They need regular walks of one and a half hour at least each day. Besides this, they also require play time which involves catching a Frisbee or throwing of balls. You can take them to dog parks or make them run in yards.

Additionally, they are great companions to you while running, cycling or jogging. Keep them physically active all the time and also fit with activities that require mental stimulation. The Airedoodle must get adequate physical and mental exercise to maintain excellent health. A home with a fenced yard will be ideal for these dogs to get enough energy and physical activities that enhance their athletic side.


These dogs experience average shedding, so they require daily brushing. However, shedding depends on the type of the coat even if it resembles the Poodle parent breed. Regular maintenance includes trimming, shampooing with a dog shampoo or brushing. The Airedoodle needs regular teeth cleaning to ensure healthy teeth and nails should also be appropriately trimmed as required. Bath must be given as needed but not with a human shampoo as it can be harmful to the coat and skin of the dog resulting in allergic reactions. You must not cut the nails too deep otherwise it may result in pain and bleeding. You must also wipe the ears with a clean damp cloth on a weekly basis to avoid infection of any sort. But grooming of the thick furry Airedoodles might be tricky.

Health problems

The Airedoodles usually do not inherit diseases from the parent, but this can never be a guarantee with them as they might be infected with health issues of other genes too. The ailments include gastric torsion or bloating, hip dysplasia or even dermatitis. Some diseases may cause itching on their skin and coats. Excessive licking may be a result of this but can be solved by clipping their coats on a regular basis. Also, you can remove the dead hair roots by hand stripping on the fur. However, most Airedoodles are short lived.


The Airedoodle is a very intelligent breed and easily can please their owner. They are also very easy to train. These physically strong dogs require both socialization as well as behavioural training to bring out the best side of them. They also love human interaction and thrive well on mental stimulation. Airedoodles can quickly pick up your commands just after following a few repetitions. Unlike other dogs, training the Airedoodle becomes much quicker and easier. But you must make sure to begin the training at an early age. If your pet is stubborn, you must stay firm and calm with him. Moreover, training them is an enjoyable experience and you must be confident about the handling.


The Airedoodle is a larger sized animal and possesses a lot of energy. So make sure they get quality dry food for sustaining good health. Various brands and varieties of dry dog foods are easily available at reliable pet stores. The diet must include most of the dry food and minimal human food.

Additionally, offer them two and a half cups to three cups of dry food regularly. The total quantity must be divided into two meals in a single day. This breed needs a high amount of food as compared to other smaller dogs. They will be fine with a high quality nutritious dry dog food.

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