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American English Coonhound


American English Coonhound is a scent hound breed innate to the United States of America. It specifies in hunting red foxes in the day and raccoons during the night. It got recognition by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 1905 and by AKC in 2011 as “English Fox Coonhound.” It is proficient equally to follow games species like cougars or rabbits found in the country. This breed is rarely seen in city areas, but it is the common most purebred in the USA. It got its recognition by AKC recently but ranks amongst the first breeds of UKC.

Facts About American English Coonhound

Breed Group Hound dogs
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin USA
Other Names English Coonhound, American English Fox, English Fox and coonhound, English coondog, Redtick coondog, English hound, Redtick hound
Size & Height Male: 24-26 inches

Females:23-25 inches

Weight 45-65 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information AKC, UKC
Shedding Low
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 4-8 puppies
Color Lemon & White, Tricolor, Redtick, Red & white, Ticked
Life Expectancy 11-12 years
Coat Short – Medium (sometimes have a hardened protective layer)
Price $1000-$1200


Temperament & Personality

American English Coonhound is an amiable and a perfect family companion. It is delightful to its family members and other pets in the house. Being energetic teammate for kids, they also try to please their owner with humorous behavior. Due to its chasing instinct, it is not perfect for apartment life or for families who want a small homely pet, unless accomplished otherwise. They make excellent watchdogs with series of loud howls and barks. With their sharp smelling sense, it is famous for chasing bears, raccoons, etc.



American English Coonhound puppies are energetic and require the perfect schedule to stay fit. Long walks or jogs twice a day with the adequate amount of playtime in a fenced yard or dog’s park will provide them free space to play. Additionally, owners can make them run alongside while riding a bicycle or bike. Teaching tracking, hunting field trial will also provide them sufficient physical activity.

Apart from physical exercise, they require mental training too. Hence, playing games with the owner like Frisbee hide and seek, etc. or providing them with puzzle toys will keep them busy and mentally active.


Brushing them occasionally with a soft bristle brush and hound glove will keep their coat dirt free and clean. Their short coats do not require regular bathing, but when they are filthy. Weekly check their footpad as they tend to get scrapes and cuts.

Trim their nails when they overgrow. Brushing their teeth twice a week prevents tartar development and hinders oral problems. If they have tear stains, clean it with a damp, wet towel. They can get ear infections due to water, dirt buildup. If not cleaned properly it can cause infections and pain. Clean their ears with Vet prescribed ear solution.

Health Problems

There is no particular report of health issues, but conditions like hip dysplasia, bloating and ear infections can occur if not properly taken care. Some dogs might excessively heat while chasing and hunting during summer seasons. However, occasional vet checkups will keep the pet healthy.


This breed gets easily distracted and requires the persistent and robust trainer to train them. Socializing at early stages is essential to minimize their chasing instinct and also to make it homely if the owner wants a household pet. Exposing them to new people and pets will allow them to adjoin them.

Also, teach them leash training because without proper training they will drag in opposite directions if they see any another pet. Use positive methods while teaching and refrain from beating and scolding. Also, use different training techniques to prevent boredom.


To sustain their energy level, they will need high-quality food homemade or commercially prepared. Consult a veterinarian to know the appropriate diet according to its age, activity level, and weight. However, an active dog always requires a different food than the one leads an inactive life. With increasing age Coonhounds tend to gain weight. Therefore, owners should be particular about its calorie consumption. Treats are crucial to teach them new tricks, but too much can lead to obesity and different health issues.

Generally, 2 ½ to 3 cups of dry dog is adequate to maintain their energy level. But a vet prescribed diet will have additional benefits. Also, divide their meal into two halves for better digestion.


American English Coonhound

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