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American Hairless Terrier


The origin of the American hairless terrier dates back to the 18th century when the breed, Feists was taken to North America. Later in the year 1972, a completely hairless breed of the pup was born in a litter of Rat Terrier Dogs. Edwin Scott and his wife bred it and on maturity, the dog produced a whole litter of hairless dog pups and these formed the foundation of American hairless terriers.

This breed is a recent addition to the world of dogs. Since they are recognized as a separate breed, they have developed several characteristics which help them to distinguish themselves easily from the original ones. They are small or medium-sized and have smooth muscles. However, ancestors of this breed were known to hunt rats and vermin. So they have inherited a string hunting instinct from the origin.

Facts About American Hairless Terrier

Other Names AHT
Coat Hairless may be short thin hair
Colour Black, red, chocolate, blue, apricot, seal, blue fawn, red sable, or lemon and different patterns with white
Breed Type Crossbreed
Group (of Breed) Working dog, Terrier dog
Life span 14-16 years
Size and height 7-18 inches
Weight 7-25 pounds
Litter size 3-5 puppies
Temperament Friendly, curious, fearless and alert
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes
Barking Occasional
Shedding Low
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information UKC, APRI, ACA, CKC, DRA, NKC, AHTF, AKS/FSS, ACR, AHRTC,
Originated in USA
Price 300-500 USD

Temperament and Personality

American Hairless Terrier dogs are extremely intelligent, playful and affectionate animals. They can be excellent family pets and go very well with children if they are raised together. However, parents must take care of them while around young kids as they might carelessly injure the dogs. Repeated interactions may result in developing aggressive or rough behavior with the kids. These breed of dogs are usually tolerant of strangers, but they are very alert upon seeing a danger approaching.

These dogs are territorial, so they do not get along well with the other dogs. They enjoy digging and chasing small preys, but they are not recommended for hunting purposes as they are much vulnerable to injuries as they lack a coat. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they are not natural swimmers, so proper care is needed if they are in the water. Moreover, they are most popular with their lively and curious nature besides for their strong athletic body.



The American hairless terriers are of the energetic breed, so they require a minimum of 20-30 minutes of walk on a daily basis. They also need adequate playtime per day and can be very active indoors too but enjoy more when outdoors. They like to participate in challenging games and fun activities besides chasing preys and indulging in digging activities. Your pet will love to go for long walks, but lack of adequate physical activities will result in the loss of excessive energy and can develop behavioral problems and make them destructive.


Even though they are hairless creatures, these dogs tend to shed a very minimal amount of their skin cells once a month. So you may need to apply a vet specified skin cream to prevent it from drying. Bathing thrice a week and trimming their nails once a month is highly essential. You may use an antiseptic agent such as hydrogen peroxide to heal the cuts or scratches on the skin. Also, make sure to apply sunscreen lotions on the dog’s skin to protect it from the sun when outdoors.

You must also use sufficient warm clothing during the winters to keep them comfortable and protected. Brush their teeth regularly and trim the nails timely by using a nail clipper to avoid its overgrowth, splitting or cracking of them. Regular checkup of their ears cleaning is important to avoid any possibility of earwax and infection.

Health problems

The American hairless terrier dogs are a healthy breed and are luckily spared from major diseases and health issues that other hairless breeds suffer from. But due to lack of hair, the skin needs special care and protection from the sun rays. Rashes or allergies, especially the grass allergies is one of the health concerns they suffer from. However, they are very much resistant to chronic health issues common to other dog breeds.


American Hairless Terriers have sharp and inquisitive minds and also an exceptional persistence. Hence, wither training would be fun or else they will not be excited towards any kind of teaching. The moment you bring your puppy home, you must start their socialization and training sessions through interactions with dogs. You can invite your friends who have affectionate and friendly dogs to come to your place, or you may visit their houses with your terrier dogs. This would help your pup to play and socialize more. If left alone with no toys or mates, they end up developing the habit of digging. Give them tasks that make them happy, playing with Frisbees and interesting toys in the field. Additionally, teach them fun tricks and practice with them every day as a part of the training session.


Dry dog food helps to improve the dental health of your dog. But you can also give them a combo of meat, vegetables, and oats mixed with brown rice. For these dogs, a good and high nutritious meal is essential right from the puppyhood until they are adults. The quantity of food, however, depends on the size of your dog.  Appropriate diets will help increase their longevity and clean. Also, fresh water should be available all the time for consumption.

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