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The Ariegeois is a mix of the Grand Bleu, Grand Gascon and Briquette. Since it is a crossbreed, not much is known about its history.

Ariegeois Dog

Facts About Ariegeois

Breed Group Crossbreed
Breed Type Hunting, Scenthound
Country of Origin France
Other Names Ariegeois Hound, Ariege Hound
Size & Height 20-23 inches
Weight 55-60 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information FCI, UKC, ACA, DRA
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 3-6 puppies
Colour White with well-defined black markings, pale tan may be present above the eyes and on the cheeks, black, white and tricolor
Life Expectancy 12-14 years
Coat Short and smooth
Price $1100 USD

Temperament & Personality

Ariegeois PicturesThe breed has the reputation for being a calm and laid-back dog that mingles well with people. It is very energetic, can run long distances in rough terrain and uses its developed sense of smell to hunt. It won’t mind walking long distances or lying around at home. However, prolonged inactivity can lead to health complications which is why exercise is essential. It is a good hunting companion and a household pet.



It is not the right pet for those who prefer living in an apartment and have no energy or time for their dogs. The Ariegeois is happy to live a lazy life, but it’s not good for its health. It is a country dog, so it should have enough space to roam and play. A long walk is not sufficient to this dog, the owner must involve it in some activities like skills training and other agility work.


The short and smooth coat of Ariegeois is easy to groom. The dog sheds averagely so be careful of the loose hairs. The brush should have firm bristles to remove the debris and spread the natural oils on the skin. Always use a dog shampoo while bathing and only do so whenever the dog is dirty. Clip the nails using the right tool. Brushing of teeth is to be done twice a week and its ears checked for infections once a week.


Health Problems

The Ariegeois has a short history and has not shown any signs of genetically influenced diseases. It is a healthy dog, the only complications being hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Its long ears are prone to infections so the owner should be wary of it.


These dogs are usually obedient and easy to handle but their training needs to be positive or else they can become spoiled and difficult to manage. The owner has to be firm and patient wherein teaching obedience training and socialization is essential. Make sure it is tied to a leash because it may follow different smells being a scenthound.


An Ariegeois requires 2½ to 3 cups of high-quality dry dog food twice a day. The nutrition in the food must be taken care of so that the dog is not fed any unnecessary ingredient. The nutrients required by a dog depends on its size, age and metabolism.

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