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Be Apso is a mix of Beagle and Lhasa Apso. Because it is a designer dog, not much is known about its history. Essentially a small, hardy and a compact dog, it has short legs. It is referred to as a sweet, friendly and a curious dog that is good as a family pet.

Be-Apso Pictures

Facts About Be-Apso

Breed Group Hound dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Other Names Beagle Lhasa Apso Mix
Size & Height 10-14 inches
Weight 8-20 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DRA, DBR, DDKC, ACHC
Shedding Moderate
Hypoallergenic Can be (Lhasa Apo is)
Litter Size 1-3 puppies
Colour Brown, white, black and cream
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Straight, medium, silky and smooth
Price N.A.

Temperament & Personality

The Be-Apso is an affectionate dog that can be curious and inquisitive also. It is an intelligent dog that seldom gets mischievous and comical in behavior. They are usually used as a watchdog because it is wary of strangers until it gets used to them. It takes relatively longer for this breed to mature and they exhibit a blend of traits being playful but fierce, dutiful but independent.



It is a slightly an active dog and owing to its size, it is perfect for apartment life. Playing indoors will be fine, but ensure they go for a couple of short walks every day. Access to a dog park for socializing with other pets and kids is recommended as it will maintain its happy mood.


Cleaning requirements are moderate for Lhasa Apso puppies. Brushing around three times a week maintains its silky coat. It may inherit hypoallergenic qualities from Lhasa Apo. Use a sensitive dog shampoo to bathe it only when it is essential. Brush its teeth twice a week, check and clean its ears when dirty and cut the nails only when they are long.

Health Problems

Some congenital problems inherited from either of the parents include epilepsy, invertebral disk disease, kidney problems and hypothyroidism. Confirm the health of its parents by considering their health clearances before buying the puppy to be sure of the possible complications.


Be-Apso is an intelligent but stubborn dog. The degree of stubbornness it inherits from the parents affects the training duration. The owner must have some experience with dogs and should make itself as the leader while teaching this breed. Use positive methods of training, treat it with snacks, stay patient and consistent. Early socialization and obedience training is essential.

Beagle Lhasa Apso Mix


Be-Apsos need red meat and fishes to get the adequate amount of nutrients. Avoid commercial foods with preservatives and artificial coloring. Good quality dog food can be fed 3 to 4 cups per day.

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