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The Beabull is a designer breed and was created by crossing Beagle and the English bulldog. As in the case of most designer dogs, the Beabull may appear in varieties depending upon the genetic characteristics of both the parent breeds. Beabulls had first originated in the United States and were highly popular as designer dogs.

Beabull Dog

Other Names Bulldog Mix, beagle bulldog mix
Coat Prickly, rough, harsh
Colour Brindle, Golden, Merle, Spotted, Speckled, White and Brown
Breed Type Designer dog, companion dog,
Group (of Breed) Cross breed
Life span 10-12 years
Size and height 12-16 inches
Weight 35-60 pounds
Temperament Dedicated, playful affectionate and intelligent
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Occasional
Shedding High
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information


Originated in USA
Price 510-550$

Temperament and Personality

They can be excellent family dogs. However, they have become quite popular during the last two decades and many famous personalities have a preference for them. Beabulls are people’s dogs and they love to be in contact with the humans similar to their Beagle parents. They like to be in the company of their owners and extremely devoted to their masters besides having a loving nature. They follow them happily all day all around and can be very affectionate towards children. They are very much tolerant even if the children are too annoying for them. They are mild, well-mannered dogs and enjoy lazing around. However, they at times may have hyperactivity burst outs and love playing games like fetching the ball, a Frisbee or a game of hiding and seek. Sometimes they tend to bite, but otherwise, they are happiest creatures.



Beabull puppies do not require a great amount of exercise. Walk for an hour will be enough for them along with fetching games and other plays during the day. They can easily be comfortable in apartment living, but if you take them out for activity, they will be happier. Also, you can take them for a trip to a dog park for playing various games. These dogs can also be great companions for the long hikes You can also take them along with you for morning walks or jogging sessions. Although not too active, they need to burn off their calories, so minimum exercise is required.


The Beabull tends to shed from moderate to high level. So you must be ready for regular brushing and vacuuming habits. However, they are not hypoallergenic. Give them baths when needed and make sure to use a dog shampoo. This breed has wrinkles so they need to be cleaned out daily. They must also be kept dry to avoid any skin infections. Teeth should be brushed two to three times in a week for good dental health maintenance. Clipping of the nails is necessary when they would get too long. Also, the ears of the Beabulls require regular care and maintenance. You must check them once in a week to detect any infection and must wipe and clean them using a cotton ball and a dog ear cleansing solution. You may also use a dampened cloth.

Health problems

Beabulls like most other designer dogs are a healthy breed. They do not tend to suffer from hereditary diseases. However, as they have long ears, they are prone to ear infections. So masters must take care of them and cleanse the ear canals to remove the dead hairs. Beabulls inheriting from their bulldog parents have proneness for developing several digestion problems. There are many health issues that they might inherit from their parents at times. These ailments include the intervertebral disk disease, epilepsy, eye and ear infections, hip dysplasia, reverse sneezing, hypothyroidism, patellar luxation and others.


Beabulls like their parents are very intelligent dogs so training is quite pleasurable. They are well responsive if trained with rewarding and praising techniques. But training might get difficult as they can be stubborn at times. So try to keep the training sessions both exciting and engaging to keep them entertained. You must handle them with firmness and gentleness. Make sure to use positive training methods using treats, while encouraging and motivating them. They may try to outsmart you so make sure to be consistent and firm while training them. Early training and socializing techniques must be taught at a very early stage to make him a better dog. However, they might not be suitable for first-time owners as handling them is quite difficult so you must go for professional help from obedience schools.

Beagle X Bulldog Mix Puppy


Beabulls like their bulldog parents tend to eat whatever is given. They are voracious in case of eating and will devour any food offered in front of them within a fraction of seconds. They inherit the overbite and jaw of the Bulldogs so they need to be fed using bowls. The bowls offered must be shallow and wider for smooth eating. The quality and quantity of food given to them will be quite similar to the dog food given to the dogs of their size and activity levels. Due to their voracious eating, they tend to get obese. Hence you make sure to resist them from devouring food of any sort.

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