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The Beagleman is a crossbreed and is also known as the Dobeagle or a Beagle or Doberman pinscher mix dog. The Doberman pinscher breed was a new breed developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman in the 15th century. The parents are the purebred Beagle and the Doberman Pinscher. They are talented watchdogs and known as highly agile and very protective dogs. These are very attached to their owners. The Beagleman is known to be originated in the United States. These are one of the newest mixed breeds that have occurred in the last ten years.

Doberman Pinscher Beagle Mix Dog

Other Names Dobeagle, Doberman Pinscher mix dog
Coat Silky, Sleek and Shiny
Colour Brown, Black and Tricolor
Breed Type Cross breed
Group (of Breed) Designer and Working Dog
Life span 10-12 years
Size and height 16-22 inches
Weight 40-55 pounds
Temperament Loving, Intelligent, Loyal, Energetic and playful
Good with Children Yes
Hypoallergenic No
Barking At times to alert
Shedding Minimum
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information

ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club, IDCR (International Design Canine Registry), ), DRA ( Dog Registry of America, Inc.), DDKC (Designer Dogs Kennel Club)

Originated in USA
Price 906$

Temperament and Personality

The Beagleman dogs are affectionate, loyal and loving dogs, very much attached to their masters. They are protective particularly in front of strangers. They comprise a playful personality with a lot of energy. Beagleman dogs are smart with sweetness and love to be the center of attraction. They are very patient, love food and are very much sensitive to hunting instincts as inherited by the Beagle. They are alert to strangers but friendly to others.  These possess similar guard dog characteristics as the Doberman breed. Beagleman dogs are lively and make excellent pets for any family. They love playing with the kids but may be stubborn so difficult for training.  Also, they can be a bit aggressive if the situation demands.



Beagleman dogs are moderately active dogs, so they need daily walks two times a day to burn off the calories. But make sure they do not need long hours of activity. Beagleman dogs can adapt very well to apartment living, but he needs to go outdoors regularly. A yard will be an extra treat for them. They can also be made to play indoors with fun toys. You can make them enjoy more by a trip to a dog park. They always love to run and play so make sure to let them outside at least for once in a single day. The Beagleman dogs will be exceedingly happy to accompany you for a lovely walk.


Beagleman dogs tend to shed from low to medium shedding so you must be ready to clean up your house. But if you brush him every alternate day, this might be controlled a bit and also the coat can be kept healthy, shiny and smooth. Take care of their hairs. You should give them a bath whenever they need to avoid the drying out of the skin oils. You must use a dog shampoo for the bathing. As they have hanging and floppy ears, you should also check the ears once in a week and clean them using dog ear cleansing solutions and cotton balls or a moistened cloth. Brushing the teeth is also needed for two or three times in a week along with trimming of the nails if they get long.

Health problems

Beagleman breed of dogs tend to inherit health issues from their parents hence the diseases may turn out to be unavoidable. They can be prone to suffer from problems including Intervertebral disk diseases, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Von Willebrand’s diseases, several eye problems, Beagle dwarfism, and Patellar Luxation. Also, various heart problems, Wobblers’ syndrome, narcolepsy, bloating, ear infections, hip dysplasia, Albinoism and even the Color mutant Alopecia. They can sometimes be born with these disorders, but otherwise, they hardly have any health issues. So you must see your Beagleman puppy for once before buying to have a healthy puppy at home.


Training for Beagleman is however not an easy job for the owners. They can be difficult to train and the masters should have gathered some experience before starting of the dog’s training. You must be patient and consistent, and try keeping a firm tone to be the leader. Always use positive techniques such as rewards, treats and praises for the dog’s encouragement. But once you get well acquainted with the Beagleman dogs, they can be great with the training process. They can be very fast learners and good listeners for they have sharp minds.  If needed, you can always opt for a professional trainer or put your pet in obedience schools. But make sure to provide your Beagleman with early socialization and training to make him the best pet.

Doberman Pinscher Beagle Mix Puppy


As the Beagleman dogs may vary in size, the food should be given on the per-dog basis. Bigger sized dogs will need to eat more food than the smaller ones. Usually, they need one and a half cups to two cups of dry dog food on a regular basis. The food must consist of whole grains along with meat sources. It must be given two times in a day. The diet must be supplemented with the fatty acids such as flaxseeds and safflower oils which would help them to keep the coats shiny. Also, the dogs must be fed with full of proteins. You must take care of the amount as most of the Beagleman dogs are overweight. Overfeeding is not at all a good idea as that may cause several health problems.




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