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Boxachi is a cross between the Boxador and a Chihuahua. It is a new breed of dog which is why it doesn’t have a detailed history.

Facts About Boxachi

Breed Group Watchdog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin N.A.
Other Names Boxer Chihuahua Mix
Size & Height 6-20 inches
Weight 10-40 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information DBR, IDCR
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size N.A.
Colour Dark Brown, Light Brown, Tan, Golden, Brindle
Life Expectancy 10-15 years
Coat Short, glossy, straight
Price N.A.

Temperament & Personality

Boxachis inherit their temperament from their parents. It is a playful and attentive dog which is devoted to its family. As this breed is patient and gentle, they are a good choice for a family having children. These dogs can be a bit stubborn and aggressive towards other pets and people they don’t know although it is comfortable with household pets. Supervision is required to expose the Boxachi to small pets like ferrets or hamsters.



These dogs love going outdoors even though they adjust well to apartment life. Brisk walks on a daily basis will be enough for a Boxachi.


These dogs have a short coat and are moderate shedders so their maintenance is easy. Brushing their coat once a week will keep their skin clean. Trimming of the coat should be avoided and nails should be clipped when they are long.

Health Problems

Like many crossbreeds, Boxachis do not have diseases exclusive to them. The vaccine dates should not be missed and the dogs should be taken to the vet regularly.


Early socialization is vital for Boxachis. The puppies should be taken to different places and the owners should take them to dog parks so they can interact with various pets. Obedience training is also necessary to prevent them from behaving badly. Basic commands must be taught during puppyhood as that will help the owner to control the dog.


Due to its small size, 2½ to 3 cups of high-quality dog food will provide the required nourishment.


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