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June 5, 2018 Aritra Mukhopadhyay 0

Though regarded as Hungarian breed, Kuvasz is descendent of the giant Tibetan dog. The name kuvasz means ‘armed guard of noblemen,’ in Turkish and not […]

Bhote Kukur Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog

May 3, 2018 Jonathan 0

History The large-sized Himalayan Sheepdog has its roots in Nepal and Northern India. Believed to be living since ancient times, the complete description about its […]

Hovawart Images


May 3, 2018 Rajarshi Ray 0

The Hovawart is a large “working dog” which originated in the medieval times in the black Forest mountain range. It has a chiseled head and […]

White Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

April 5, 2018 suprabha 0

History Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed and is believed to be existing since 1100 BC. It is a large working dog from the Himalayas […]