White Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

April 5, 2018 suprabha 0

History Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed and is believed to be existing since 1100 BC. It is a large working dog from the Himalayas […]

Great Dane Mixed with Lab


March 20, 2018 suprabha 0

History Labradane is a result of a crossing Labrador Retrievers and the Great Dane. Size depends on the dominant parent breed. It is an active […]

Spanish Mastiff Puppy Pictures

Spanish Mastiff

March 20, 2018 suprabha 0

History Spanish Mastiff is recognized as an ancient breed and the ancestry is still unknown. However, it is believed that these dogs were brought by […]

Saint Berdoodle Puppy Images

Saint Berdoodle

March 20, 2018 Bikram 0

History St Berdoodle is the crossbreed between the St Bernard and the Standard Poodle. With physical features from both the parents (parents are quite big), […]

Leonberger Puppy


March 13, 2018 suprabha 0

History Leonberger is a large dog breed and is a cross between Newfie, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. Its lion-like looks make it an aggressive […]

Kangal Dog Photos

Kangal Dog

March 3, 2018 suprabha 0

History Kangal dog, a purebred and sturdy dog with large bones. Mostly used as a flock guardian, protecting flocks of sheep from the predators like […]

Bully Kutta Puppy

Bully Kutta

February 13, 2018 suprabha 0

History As per theories, at the time of the British invasion, the British brought Mastiff dogs to India. Later on, these dogs bred with mastiff […]

Akbash Dog Pictures


December 12, 2017 suprabha 0

History Little known for its origin, Akbash dog is an ancient breed, bred in Turkey as a guard livestock. It borrows the characteristics of ancestry […]