Rampur Greyhound

Rampur Greyhound

May 12, 2018 suprabha 0

History Rampur Greyhound originated in Rampur (North India) and have existed for over 300 years. This breed was introduced in the early 20th century by […]

Bhote Kukur Himalayan Sheepdog

Himalayan Sheepdog

May 3, 2018 Jonathan 0

History The large-sized Himalayan Sheepdog has its roots in Nepal and Northern India. Believed to be living since ancient times, the complete description about its […]

Irish Wolfhound Puppy Picture

Irish Wolfhound

May 3, 2018 Jonathan 0

History The Irish Wolfhound got its name due to its skill in hunting elks and wolves. Mostly used for guarding and hunting tasks, it is […]

White Huskita


May 3, 2018 Jonathan 0

History Huskita is a large-sized hybrid dog developed by crossing the Akita and the Siberian Husky. The Dog Registry of America (DRA) recognizes this breed […]

Hovawart Images


May 3, 2018 Rajarshi Ray 0

The Hovawart is a large “working dog” which originated in the medieval times in the black Forest mountain range. It has a chiseled head and […]

Wolamute Pictures


March 29, 2018 Bikram 0

History Wolamute is a unique dog and is a crossbreed of the Alaskan Malamute and the Gray Wolf (commonly known as the Timber Wolf). It […]

Majorca Shepherd

Majorca Shepherd

March 16, 2018 Bikram 0

History The Majorca shepherd is a pure Spanish breed used mainly as a shepherd dog. Their exact origin and history are still unknown. They have […]

Great Pyrenees Poodle Mix Images


March 10, 2018 Bikram 0

History The Pyredoodle is the cross between the Standard Poodle and the Great Pyrenees. They are likely to have originated in the 1980’s as a […]

Norrbottenspets Images


March 9, 2018 suprabha 0

History Norbottenspets originated in Sweden, but it is also famous in the bordering countries such as Finland. It was bred to help in farming activities, […]

Kintamani Dog Images

Kintamani Dog

March 9, 2018 suprabha 0

History Kintamani is a canine breed originating from the mountains of Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia. It is not found in other places away from its homeland. […]