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The Chi-Spaniel is a hybrid offspring of the Cocker Spaniel dogs and the Chihuahua. Known for their cute looks, these small dogs are also brave and stay alert all the time. Having either a medium or long coat, they have a short yet slim structure. Their face is characterized by the erect ears similar to the Chihuahuas or sometimes floppy similar to cocker spaniels. With black rounded eyes, they have a triangular dark muzzle in the front.

Chi Spaniel Images

Facts About Chi-Spaniel

Breed Group Toy dog, designer dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin The USA
Other Names Chispaniel, Chihuahua Cocker Spaniel Mix
Size Small
Height NA
Weight 6-18 lbs
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information IDCR, DRA
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size NA
Color Black, White, Red, Blue, Brown, Silver, Golden, Light Brown, Black and Tan, Brown & White
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Medium, thick, long
Price $150-$500

Temperament and Personality

The dog is perfect for a family because it has all the right qualities. They are very amiable, loyal, friendly, sweet, adorable and love to spend time with owners and other family members. They are gentle and patient with kids or other pets and adapts to any environment. Chi-Spaniel expects attention and love from everyone and will do anything to get it. However, they would not be a good guard dog because they would seldom bark if they watch any stranger around. They even tend to inherit the quality of Chihuahua of displaying stubborn behavior which can be removed by early socialization.



This breed needs limited workouts, but indulge them in some physical activity every day to stay fit mentally and physically. Take them out for daily short walks or jogging and when indoors, let them play and run around.


The breed requires moderate grooming sessions just to do away with dirt and avoid diseases. Brush its coat two to three times a week to maintain its hygiene and bathe them with a dog shampoo when necessary because regular bathing can take off its natural oil from the skin. Clip its nails and brush their teeth on a daily basis and wipe clean its floppy ears after a shower.

Health Problems

Since it is a new breed, not much is known about its health issues. But it can be prone to general health issues like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, open fontanel, hydrocephalus, collapsed trachea, skin problems, hypothyroidism, and allergies.


The intelligent and smart nature of the puppy makes teaching a little easy and quick, but due to their stubbornness, their sessions can slow down. Train them to socialize with visitors and be clear with the commands. However, avoid harsh tones, but be firm and consistent and use positive methods. Reward them with treats and praises if they learn something new or do something right.



Serve the dog with ½ to 1 cups of good quality dry kibbles according to its size. It requires a lot of energy-enriched food with optimal nutrition and high protein introduced in its diet.

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