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The Chusky is a designer offspring of the Siberian husky and the Chow Chow, but not much is known about its origin. It is assumed that they might have been developed to get the working skills and attractive looks of its parents.

Facts About Chusky

Breed Group Working Dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin  NA
Other Names Chowski, Husky chow mix
Size Medium
Height 18-23 inches
Weight 40-65 lbs
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information IDCR,ACHC,DRA
Shedding Seasonal, constant
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size NA
Color Red, black, white, cream, white & brown, brown & black
Life Expectancy 10-13 years
Coat Soft, dense, heavy, thick
Price $200-$800

Temperament & Personality

Chusky puppies are lovable and affectionate breeds that love to remain around their owners. So keeping them away for an extended period might cause separation anxiety. However, they share a lovely bond with all members of the family, but when it comes to children they need adult supervision. It is not familiar with other dogs, but this can cure by correct socialization. Since they remain alert and protective, they can be excellent watchdogs and can risk their lives to protect their family. However, they are not suitable for first-time owners. With its antics, it can be a good entertainer and will ensure its presence inside the house.



Being an active dog, it requires a high amount of activity to keep itself healthy and happy. Though it can be lazy or laid back at times, it requires a combination of outdoor and indoor play. Take them on brisk leash walk to dog parks to mingle with other dogs and establish a connection. It should get at least an hour a day to spend its time outside in a yard or a playground. However, they are not suitable for extremely hot weather conditions, so it is preferable to keep them at home and give them stimulating mental games.


Like the Chow Chow husky mix, it is a massive shedder, so it requires brushing two to three times a week to do away with dead hair. Take them to a professional groomer on a monthly basis for trimming and bathing its coat. Clean its teeth at least twice a week and wipe its ears weekly. Clip their nails, but do not cut it too deep as that may cause bleeding and pain.

Health Problems

The only issue is the absence of their middle teeth which makes its dietary chart a little more complicated. Otherwise, they do not have any concerns other than the inheritance of eye problems and hip dysplasia from its parents.


The stubborn nature of the dog makes teaching complicated and requires a strong, experienced and dominant trainer. Their teaching sessions should include positive techniques like rewards and praises to keep them involved. It is necessary for the owner to establish themselves as a pack leader and even teach them to be obedient from puppyhood.


Being a large breed dog, their diet should include the proper amount of nutrition, for example, a fish based food that may help them to regain oil from the skin. It requires 2½ to 3 cups of high-quality dry dog food a day split into at least two meals. Apart from this, their special diet needs more amount of liquid content.

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