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Corman Shepherd


The Corman Shepherd is a mix between Corgi and a German Shepherd (Alsatian). It is a crossbreed and not much is known about its history.

Corman Shepherd Pictures

Facts About Corman Shepherd
Breed Group Companion and watchdog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin U.S.A.
Other Names German/ Corgi Shepherd Hybrid, German Shephard-Corgi Mix, corgi german shepherd
Size & Height Medium, 11-16 inches
Weight 20-70 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information N.A.
Shedding Average to high
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size N.A.
Colour Brown, golden, white and black
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Short to average, dense
Price $250-$750

Temperament & Personality

This is a smart and clever dog, a property it inherits from its parents. Corman Shepherds are dedicated, loyal, and would do anything to please their owners. If left alone for prolonged periods, it can grow destructive behavior. Although these puppies are good with kids and other dogs, they also act well as guard dogs.

corgi german shepherd mix puppies



Corman Shepherds are highly energetic and needs daily activities to remain fit. Some play sessions and a couple of walks a day are necessary. Access to a fenced yard or a dog park will be helpful.


Their dense coat requires regular brushing to get rid of dead hairs. Bathe the dog only when it smells strong and gets dirty. Long nails are painful for them so clip them using the right tools or professional groomer. Wipe its ears weekly to prevent infection.

Health Problems

Corman Shepherds are a relatively healthy breed. Inherited problems can include joint dysplasia, bloat, allergies, obesity and back problems.


Thanks to its intelligent nature, training the Corman Shepherd is reasonably easy. Often they can show signs of stubbornness, which is why the owner should behave as a leader. Early obedience and socialization training are necessary to keep a check on their herding property.



¾-1½ cups of high-quality dry dog food should be fed to the dog every day. It should contain the vital nutrients to meets its energy requirements.

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