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German Sheprador


It is a Lab shepherd mix , the German Sheprador is a large dog having characteristics of both the parents. The Dog Registry of America (DRA) recognizes this breed although information about its origin is unavailable.

White German Sheprador

Interesting Facts

  • These dogs love winters and hate summers
  • They are mostly used for police work, like retrieving, tracking, agility, and racing

Facts About German Sheprador

Breed Group Sporting and herding dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin N.A.
Other Names German Shepherd-Lab mix, Labrashepherd, labrador german shepherd mix
Size & Height Big, 20-25 inches
Weight 60-100 pounds
Competitive Registration/ Qualification Information IDCR, DRA
Shedding Average, a lot during seasons
Hypoallergenic N.A.
Litter Size 8 puppies on average
Color Black, white, brown and tan
Life Expectancy 10-13 years
Coat Double, dense, short, water-resistant and thick
Price $200-$600

Temperament & Personality

German shepherd lab mix is a loyal and friendly dog, a trait it obtains from the Labrador Retriever. It loves spending time with family and bonds a special relationship with them. They are good with children and other animals too but require some training during puppyhood. This breed is known for its kindness and intelligence but signs of separation anxiety are possible if the dog is left alone. They are also a well-known watching and guarding dogs thanks to their alertness.



Like its parents, the Sheprador is a highly energetic requiring vigorous activities daily. Jogging, running and intense play sessions should be a part of their day to keep them fit. Make sure to give them adequate mental stimulation also. An active owner and a big house will be the most suitable for them as they cannot live an apartment life. Access to a fenced yard and visits to a dog park will be helpful.


Seasonal shedding can be an issue, so brush the coat regularly and look out for fallen hair strands. Bathe them only when they are dirty to protect the natural oils of the skin. Trim the nails using the right tools only. Clean the eyes and ears to avoid infections.

Health Problems

Inherited health issues like epilepsy, bloating, OCD, heart and eye problems, joint dysplasia and allergies are a cause for concern. The allergies can be due to specific food items. Ask for the parent’s health clearances from the breeder before buying the dog.


This smart and amicable dog is relatively easy to train with a consistent and firm leader. It loves to eat so include food in training to motivate the dog. Use positive methods like praises and treats. The best time to train them for basic obedience and socialization skills is when they are puppies.



Salmon, chicken, and beef are said to cause allergies, so remember not to include these in their diet. The Sheprador can have all sorts of good quality dry dog food, three to four times a day. The amount of food can vary depending on the dog’s age, metabolism, and size.


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