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Irish Red & White Setter


This breed originated before the Irish setter. The Red and White Irish Setter dog breed almost escaped obsolescence as the breeders began to focus on the red varieties.  Although saved from extinction, they are considered as a separate breed from the Irish setter.

Irish Red and White Setter Pictures

Facts About Irish Red & White Setter
Breed Group Hunting and sporting
Breed Type Irish
Country of Origin Ireland
Other Names Irish R&W Setter
Size & Height Male – 24.5-26 inches

Female – 22.5-24 inches

Weight Male- 42-60 pounds

Female- 35-50 pounds

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information KC (UK),ANKC,ACA,CKC,APRI,DRA,FCI,NZKC,NAPR,IRWSA,UKC,NIRWSA
Shedding Average
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6-10puppies
Color Partly red and white, Mostly white

Life Expectancy

11 – 15 years
Coat Long and silky coat with deep red patches, outer ear flap, throat chest, and tail are beautified by flat feathering
Price 800$ – 1000$

Temperament & Personality

IRWS have a very kind and friendly attitude. Besides being a hunting dog, it is loyal making them ideal family dogs. These dogs are intelligent and respond well to training. It also gets along with other pets but, needs supervision. Irish dogs like children but can be harmful as they are energetic. Irish Red and White setters are very stubborn and require training with a fun-filled activity, positivity, and praise.



These dogs are very sporty, therefore, requires regular exercise and training, it is vital in its growth stage as exercise protects them from forming lethargic.


Nails should frequently be trimmed with a nail clipper to refrain overgrowth and crackling. Additionally, ears should be checked to avoid wax that may cause an infection. It is also essential to brush their teeth regularly.IRWS has a silky coat which easily resists dirt, therefore, do not require a regular bath. This breed will need cleaning few times a week. Brushes to be used are Pin brush, slicker brush, Dematter, and deshadder.

Health Problems

Major concerns include Hip Dysplasia, Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency while minor health problems include Hypothyroidism and Progressive Retinal Atrophy Cataracts.


Long training periods can be difficult to maintain due to their high spirits. Short and positive training sessions are ideal for these dogs.


IRWS requires high protein, and total intake should be 2 1/2 cups per day.


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