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Kuchi Dog (Afghan Shepherd Dog)


Kuchi Dog is named after the Afghan Nomads, “Koochee” (Afghan word for “Nomad). This breed was developed to help the Afghan migrants guard their caravans and cattle against wild animals. Afghan Kuchis have a genetic resemblance to the Asian Ovcharka. Kuchi is a tall dog with the strong muzzle, cropped ears, thick & long neck docked tail and straight backline. This dog quickly adapts to all climatic conditions.

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Interesting Facts

Facts About Kuchi Dog

Breed Group Mountain Dog
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Afghanistan
Other Names Jangi Spai, Sage Kuchi, De Kochyano Spai, Sage Jangi
Size & Height Male : 28-35 inches

Female: 27-32 inches

Weight Male: 88-176 lbs

Female: 84-120 lbs

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information Not registered by any canine associations and kennel clubs
Shedding Seasonal, Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6-8 puppies
Color Dark spots may appear on the body (any color)
Life Expectancy 12 years
Coat Long/Medium/Short
Price $200-$500

Varieties :

  • Steppe Types: This breed has a lighter build and can run fast across flat land. They have a long-haired medium coat.
  • Mountain Type: This Kuchi breed has a more significant body and is extremely fast in the rocky and uneven area. They have longer and thicker coat than steppe types.
  • Desert Types: This Sage Kuchi breed have an underwool coat to adapt hot and cold climatic conditions. They are also known as Tiger and Lion type. Tiger type Kuchi dogs are athletic and can slink along like a cat.

Temperament & Personality

Jangi Spai or Sage Kuchi is an intelligent and loyal breed with exceptional stamina, strength, and courage. Its athletic and energetic characteristic makes this breed a guardian and protector. Jangi Spai developed due to its features and not for its looks. It is the reason that it doesn’t carry any recognition in any of the Kennel clubs.

Sage Kuchi is not suitable for apartment or usual life as it has the guarding instincts. Kuchi dogs are incredibly suspicious of strangers and are very territorial. But at the same time, they are very loyal and gentle to their owners.



Kuchi dogs are naturally active and require enough practice. As a family pet, it will need hard activities to stay mentally and Physically active. Long walks twice a day with its owner followed by activity sessions will be adequate.


Sage Jangi requires very minimum grooming as they were developed to look after themselves. However, there are varieties which have long hair that needs brushing once or twice a month.

Health Problems

The Kuchi breed is very healthy and does not have significant health issues. Occasional tests and veteran tests will be adequate for this breed.


The Jangi Spai or Tiger Dogs do not require particular training for doing their guarding duties. However, to make this breed less intrusive towards others dogs and strangers, adequate training needs to be given during their puppyhood. It needs to be cuddled by different people. To get the best training techniques it is advised to contact the dog behaviorist.

Kuchi Dogs


Sage Kuchi will require a nutrient-rich diet to maintain its energy level. Food prepared at home which has high protein is also suggested.


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