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Kumaon Mastiff


Kumaon Mastiff (Cypro Kukur, Bulli) is a rare breed and a very ancient livestock guard dog in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand (Himalayan Range, India). There are about 150-200 Kumaon Mastiffs specimens remaining in the country. The popularity of other breeds like Doberman, Pomeranian, etc., are the reason for their ignorance. These dogs have massive strength and are tireless workers and should be saved.

Cypro Kukur

Interesting Facts

Facts About Kumaon Mastiff
Breed Group Guarding Dogs
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin India
Other Names Cypro Kukur, Bulli
Size & Height 21-26 inches
Weight 150-180 lbs
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information Not recognized by kennel
Shedding Low
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 2-5 puppies
Color Black, White, Brindle
Life Expectancy 10-12 expectancy
Coat Short Coat

Temperament & Personality

Kumaon Mastiff is fierce and aggressive making it a good guard dog. But at the same time, they reamain incredibly loyal to their masters and their family. Bulli puppies like to be with the family members, if left alone they get bored and can be very destructive. The breed goes well with other pets and children.



Kumaon Mastiff puppies have high energy and require adequate exercise to stay healthy. Morning and evening, jogging and walking sessions will be enough for this dog. Additionally, games like hide and seek or with balls keeps them busy. It will help them stay mentally and physically fit.


Kumaon Mastiff requires limited grooming as they are easy to care but occasional checks maintain their upkeep. Brush once a week as they have a short coat. They shed moderately throughout the year but heavily in spring months. Bathing depends on the cleanliness of the dog, it can be monthly or weekly. Clip their overgrown nails and use toothpaste approved by the Veteran for best results.

Health Problems

Kumaon Mastiff does not have any genetic disorders as they are a primitive breed of dogs. Like other dogs, some health problems can be seen with age. Primary health issues seen in these dogs are Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) and Gastric Torsion. Other minor health problems of these dogs are Ectropion, Elbow Dysplasia, Persistent Pupillary Membrane (PPM), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Periodic visits to Veteran and random tests like X-Rays, blood tests, Eye tests, Joint tests will keep the dog healthy.


The dog can be domesticated with proper and rigid training. Education sessions from puppy days are crucial to make them sweet natured and gentle. Their puppies tend to bark like other watchdogs or guard dogs. Hence, to control them from excessive barking, do not reply when they bark. Other things which provoke these dogs to bark should be kept away.

Kumaon Mastiff Dog


Kumaon Mastiff is a large dog and requires fibrous food divided into three times a day. 5-6 cups of dry dog food will be adequate to keep up the energy level.

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