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Though regarded as Hungarian breed, Kuvasz is descendent of the giant Tibetan dog. The name kuvasz means ‘armed guard of noblemen,’ in Turkish and not Hungarian. Only the nobleman favored by members of the royal family could keep these dogs during the middle ages. At higher mountains, the breed served as a working dog. For guarding capacities, the breed got recommendation during 1400 by King Mathias Corvinus. To visiting dignitaries, he gave Kuvasz puppies as a gift.

Facts About Kuvasz
Breed Group Pure Breed
Breed Type Working Dog, Mountain Dog, Livestock Guardian Dog
Country of Origin Tibet
Other Names Hungarian Kuvazs
Size & Height  Male 28- 30 inches, Female 26 -28  inches
Weight Male -100- 115 lbs Female -70 to 90 lbs
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information AKC, FCI, CKC, AKA, FCI
Shedding Seasonal
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6 to 8 puppies
Color White, Black or Slate gray
Life Expectancy 10 – to 12 years
Coat Fine undercoat, double coat, straight/ wavy coarse
Price $ 2000


1. Kuvasz x Labrador retriever Mix

2. Kuvasz x Poodle Mix

3. Kuvasz x Border Collie

Temperament & Personality

The Kuvasz has a robust safeguarding and territorial instincts, and an experienced owner knows how to handle them. This breed can make decisions after accessing the situation and that is why it is also called a thinking dog. Although the breed may stand out at times, it is a devoted family dog. For strangers, this dog is little reserved and the owner need not leave it unsupervised as it is a big dog. From one dog to another, the dominance level will vary.

Handling of puppies should be done with care as they have a habit of jumping on strangers or bite and chew on them. The breed needs an experienced and calm owner since young adult dogs tend to push the boundaries.



Vigorous exercise is the daily need for the Kuvasz. Hence long brisk jog or walk on a regular basis is the need of the dog if it is not working actively as a flock guardian. Without walking, it can develop destructive or aggressive nature. Moreover, the owner needs to be mindful that too much exercise is a big no for the small puppies.


Weekly brushing is a must since the coat is thick and medium. As the coat naturally sheds dirt, hence avoid bathing as it will remove the oils present in the coat. Primary care regarding cutting toenails, fur and brushing its teeth is necessary on a weekly basis.


Overall the Kuvasz is a healthy breed, but there are some health issues from which the dog suffers. They suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis, hip dysplasia, cardiac conditions, patellar luxation and progressive retinal atrophy. Regarding the health testing results, no ethical breeder will object the question in this regard. The deep chest and large breeds can develop life-threatening distention of the stomach accompanied by twisting and bloating.


Kuvasz tends to have a mind of its own and is a strong-willed dog. It is the reason why this breed can protect the livestock, home, and family. Commencement of training should start from the puppyhood itself. It can be done at dog training class or even at home. The trainer needs to be confident and consistent. Harsh training can hurt the dog if trainer gives physical punishment, yells and screams at the dog. Positive reinforcement with constant lessons is the key to the practice.


Since it is a large dog, Kuvasz needs a high amount of quality dog food. It is not possible to estimate how much food the dog should consume as qualities vary from brand to brand. For the young puppies, dry kibble food is the best option which can cut down the gum problem in a big way.

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