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Leonberger is a large dog breed and is a cross between Newfie, Saint Bernard, and Great Pyrenees. Its lion-like looks make it an aggressive dog. Its broad structure characterizes Leo with a black mask which extending to the eyebrow.  With right owner, it can be a friend like no other.

Leonberger Pictures

Facts About Leonberger
Breed Group Working dogs
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin Leonberg, Germany
Other Names Leo, Gentle, Giant, Gentle Lion
Size & Height 2 feet,1 inch to 2 feet 7 inches
  • Male: 110-170 pounds
  • Female: 90-140 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information AKC,NAPR,NKC,DRA,APRI,ACR, CKC,,NZKC,FCI,KCGB,ACA
Shedding Seasonally Heavy
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6-14 puppies
Color Red-brown, sand, lion yellow, black, golden
Life Expectancy 7-10 years
Coat Double coat with finer, shorter hairs on limbs and muzzle
Price $2000

Temperament & Personality

The loving and lively personality of German dog makes it a family friendly breed. Its cool and amiable nature is evident while guarding its family or property. Their playful nature helps it to adjust to any situation. Leo puppies are not hostile towards other dogs and pets, and they go easily with children and remains calm when frightened by a repulsive child. Their lion looks not only makes them aggressive and biggest but perfect guard dogs.



the huge dog requires moderate exercise on a daily basis to keep up with their health. Long walks in the morning and evening will be adequate. Playing games or running in a fenced field will also maintain mental and physical health. Leonberger puppies which is more than 18 months old should be taken for short trips where the dog  can enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, etc.


It is a large dog with a double coating, making grooming essential.They have long hair or short hair and  while brushing, attention should be given to the feathering of the ear, back of the forehead and forelegs. Their nails should be trimmed as soon as they overgrow while brushing twice or thrice a week will help to maintain their dental health. Frequent baths will help to keep the dog in excellent condition.

Health Problems


Leonberger dog is a healthy breed, but there are specific health issues like hip dysplasia, eye disease, etc. Few dogs suffer from this disease while the majority are healthy dogs. Regular tests and a periodic Veteran visit can keep the dog healthy.


Obedience training should be provided to the Leo puppies to socialize. Training sessions should be confident and patient as it will allow the puppy to grow up as a conscious family member. Introduce other pets to Leo puppies to make them familiar with strangers and animals in a positive manner.

Leonberger Images


Dog food made for giant breeds should be fed. The diet should have raw veggies, fruit containing   phytochemicals , micronutrients, chicken meat and ground turkey.

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