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Lhasa Poo


The Lhasa Poo is a cross between a Lhasa Apso and a Poodle, generally a miniature Poodle. They are designer breed.  The only way that anyone would own a Lhasa Poo was if The Dalai Lama himself gifted anyone a Lhasa Apso. The Poodle is also an ancient breed. The Poodle’s exact origin is not known but it was the most popular breed of dog in U.S.A. This cross may not be a Superman but is the best when looking cute.

Haircut Lhasa Poo

 Facts About Lhasa Poo
Breed Group Companion dog, Watch dog, Lap dog, Toy dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin Not Available
Other Names LhasaPoo, lhasa apso poodle mix
Size & Height Small, 11-13 inches(male) 9-11 inches(female)
Weight 10-20 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ACHC, DDKC, IDCR, DRA, DBR
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size Not Available
Colour White, Black, Brown, Cream.
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Long, Dense, Curly, Straight
Price Not Available

Temperament & Personality

The Lhasa Poo is an intelligent, lively, assertive, breed. Its temperament is affected partly by inheritance and partly by the environment. It can be smart, but sometimes can be stubborn and independent.  They also dislike being left alone. It will be very much happy living in an apartment or inside a fenced yard. The dog is surprisingly protective of its family and can leap miniature buildings in a single bound. It has the strength of hundred hummingbirds and the speed of a slow baby carriage.

Now looking cute is not as easy as you might think. It is a full-time job and the pressure can get to a Lhasa Poo just like the bright light can get to a supermodel. And that’s what a Lhasa Poo is, a supermodel dog. These dogs are very adaptable in nature. Many owners give them a “teddy bear trim”. The Lhasa Poo is a well-proportioned dog with even features and a sturdy look. The cats and the Lhasa Poo make good friends.



It is energetic, but not overly active. The owner should give it plenty of toys and take him for short brisk walk. It also enjoys indoor playtime, but the owner should make sure that the dog is getting the adequate amount of activities in a day. This breed is also agile meaning if it hops from couch to couch, it seems as if he is flying.


The Lhasa Poo needs regular brushing to avoid matting. The owner should trim its nails once every two weeks and brush its teeth twice or thrice every week to prevent tartar build-up. To prevent gum disease, the owner can brush its teeth on a daily basis.

Health Problems

The breed can have major concerns like Patellar  Luxation, Hip Dyspraxia, Epilepsy, Kidney Disease, etc. It can also have Allergies. Occasional hip and eye tests are recommended.


Early training methods ensure that the breed starts learning as early as possible. However, they can be hard to train in their puppy stage rather than their adult stage. They are known to be a bit stubborn at times. It requires a Trainer who is calm, patient and keeps a positive attitude. Plenty of good rewards in the form of treats help in their learning process and training is easy with positive reinforcement techniques.

Lhasa Poo Dog


Because of its small size, the Lhasa poo needs a small cup of dry and good quality kibble each day. This would give them plenty of energy to run around. The owner should consult a good veterinarian before deciding on the dog food.

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