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Lurcher is a result of crossing sighthounds with terrier or herding dogs. Being a crossbreed, it has mix traits of a sighthound and non-sighthound breed. Depending on their inheritance, Lurcher puppies have a different appearance in their size, coat type, and color. However, they have long straight legs, dark round eyes, and small wire haired ears.

Lurcher Mix Pictures

Interesting Facts

Facts About Lurcher

Breed Group Sighthound
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin Ireland, Great Britain
Other Names Doberman Greyhound, Greyador, Greybull Pit,  Greyhound Shepherd, Irish Wolf Greyhound, Malinois Greyhound, Saluki Greyhound, Scottish Deer Greyhound
Size & Height 22-28  inches
Weight 60-70 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information DRA
Shedding Some are constant shedders while some are moderate shedders
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size Variable
Color Varies Widely( blue, black, white, golden)
Life Expectancy 13 years
Coat Short hairy, smooth, slightly longer, thicker or extraordinarily rough and broken, wire haired
Price $150-$450


Doberman Greyhound or Lurcher have two varieties :

  1. Long haired Lurcher
  2. Short haired Lurcher


  • Lurcher X Lab
  • Pitbull X Lurcher
  • Saluki X Lurcher
  • Labrador X Lurcher]
  • Bull  X Lurcher


Temperament & Personality

Mini puppies have strong hunting instincts and capacity to learn faster. The sighthound characteristics make these dogs dutiful and working dogs. Whippet Greyhound puppies are firmly attached to its master. If left alone, they will suffer from anxiety and can become destructive. Greyhound Shepheard tends to steal food which makes necessary for the owners to check them during mealtimes. These dogs go well with children.



Malinois Greyhound does not require massive exercise routines, a single long walk once a day will be adequate. Playing other games like hide and seek, chasing balls, running in a fenced area keeps the dog excited.


Fluffy Lurcher requires moderate grooming. Both the variety need brushing twice a week. Few Lurcher puppies are average shedders, while few are constant shedders. Ears also require cleaning once every week as too much wax collection in ears can lead to a painful infection. Brushing twice or thrice will keep up with the oral health. Dog toothpaste or paste preferred by the Veteran is advised.

Health Problems

Malinois puppies are healthy, but there are few problems which are seen in shaggy dogs with their growing age, Bloat (GDV), Heart Problems, Bone Cancer, Ivermectin Sensitivity, Eye issues, Hypothyroidism, Muscle and foot injuries and Torn Toenails. Regular check-ups and occasional X-rays, eye tests, bone strength, blood tests can keep these problems at bay.


Small dogs are fast learners and they should be given training on behavior, socialization, obedience and dog training. They will learn faster with varied and exciting training methods.



Food with crucial minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein should be fed to the dog. Adults need to be fed two times a day. Diet can include, dry dog food, dog biscuits or homemade nutritious food.

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