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The Malteagle is a crossbreed between a Beagle and a Maltese. The place of origin is unknown, but according to some sources, this breed originated in the time of King Arthur.


Facts About- Malteagle
Breed Group Designer dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin Unknown
Other Names Beagle Maltese mix
Size & Height Average, 10-12inches
Weight 15-22pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information DRA, ACHC, DBR, DDKC, IDCR
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Litter Size NA
Colour White/cream, brown and white, black and   white, black
Life Expectancy 12-15years
Coat Shiny, short, soft, thick
Price NA

Temperament & Personality

The Malteagle is an affectionate, kind and gentle little dog that loves the company of the entire family. They are comfortable around kids and other animals. They also seek attention and are very curious about their surroundings. However, they may become destructive if left alone for an extended period. The dog doesn’t belong to the barker category and adapts well in an apartment life.  It will surely keep the owner busy with their amusing behavior.



The Malteagle needs daily activities as they are an active breed. Keep them inside fenced yard as they tend to follow scents everywhere. Interactive gaming sessions play an essential role for them and a simple jog walk or a short running is enough.


The Malteagle requires regular brushing to keep its coat clean. Cleaning the mats is use by using a conditioning oil or a detangler spray. Brush its hair using a proper comb and frequent bathing keeps their coat smooth and shiny. The eyes need to be cleaned with lukewarm water frequently.

Health Problems

In the case of a Malteagle, they may inherit problems like Patellar Luxation and other dangerous complications.Some health concerns include dislocation of joints, Degenerative eye disorders, Hypothyroidism, etc. Regular health checkups are advised to keep them healthy and fit.


The dog responds very well to praise, food rewards, etc. given by their trainers. The puppies are stubborn, but that can be corrected by strict obedience training. Chew toys help a lot in the training process and as they become anxious at times, monitor their activities regularly.



The Beagle Maltese Mix needs a diet that is rich in protein and fiber because of their lifestyle. Sunflower and fish oils can provide them with the required energy. The breed will get its fiber from brown rice, fruits, and vegetables. It is good to fix the diet after consulting a certified Veterinarian. They need high-quality dry dog foods measured 4  cups per day.

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