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For centuries, the Maltese have enjoyed its status as a royal canine breed. This spirited dog became the favorite companion for fashionable and wealthy ladies all over the Mediterranean since it was first found on the island of Malta. This dog became the darling of British women since returning crusaders brought members of this breed back home to England. They are known to be a favorite toy breed since they made their first American appearance at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1877.

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Facts About Maltese

Breed Group Pure Breed
Breed Type Toy Dog
Country of Origin Malta
Other Names Canis Familiaris Maelitacus, Maltese Lion Puppy
Size & Height  Small, Male 8- 10 inches/(20- 25 cm) Female 8 – 9 inches ( 20 – 23 cm)
Weight Male -3- 8lb (1.4 to 3.6 kg), Female -2 to 7 lb( 0.91- 3.18 kg).
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information AKC, FCI, CKC, NZKC, UKC
Shedding Nominal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size Average 1 to 3 puppies
Color White
Life Expectancy 12 to 15 years
Coat White
Price 150 to 500 euros


Shih Tzu + Maltese (Malshi)

Malshi dog also known as Shih Tzu Maltese dog is regarded as toy or lap dog. It is primarily a family dog. Regardless of the children’s age, this adorable dog always gets along with them. It is important to treat them as a pet since their fascinating look can make you treat it like a baby or stuffed animal.

Chihuahua + Maltese (Malchi)

Appearing in two coats, the Maltese Chihuahua is adorable. These dogs are available in scruffy and long fluffy hair. It is important to regularly clean and trims the hair as per necessity.

Temperament & Personality

Known to be spirited and lively, Maltese keep their playful personalities well into maturity. This dog is among the gentlest toy breeds that seek love attention and is devoted to their masters. They cannot be left alone for an extended period, since they show symptoms of separation anxiety, including chewing of items in home and barking.

The Maltese seem to be without fear for all its diminutive size. Their affectionate responsiveness and trust are very appealing. This dog is playful, lively and vigorous while being very gentle. This breed can keep up with dogs twice its size while being sturdy at the same time.



This dog needs to go through at least two walks per day. The duration of the step should last minimum 20 minutes and can go up 30 minutes. Of course, you may take the Maltese for an even longer walk. During the walk, your puppy should drink lots of water, so that it doesn’t get dehydrated.


Based on the length of the coat, you need to brush every 1 to 3 three days. Also, combing should be done in conjugation with brushing. You should bathe the Maltese once in three weeks. Since the toenail grows like a human being, this should be trimmed quite regularly. For small puppies, toenails should be trimmed by the owner, while for adult ones, take them to a vet clinic. The ear should be checked on a weekly basis as they are susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections.

Health Problems

Maltese can face certain eye problems like progressive atrophy and glaucoma. If the prominent eye gets scratched, this dog can meet corneal ulcer too. They often face viral infections, along with infectious disease caused by bacteria. Among the genetic diseases, this breeds experiences dislocation of patella.


One of the main aspects of training is the positive reinforcement and reward at a suitable time. Since this dog is affectionate and sensitive, you need to motivate, reward and appreciate the behavior that you teach. Through click training, the dog learns quickly. This device will make a click sound which will indicate that it needs to do some work.

Maltese Puppy Images


The Maltese should be fed with premium dry dog food which should not contain a lot of fillers. You can also provide the dog with canned food that is complete and balanced. One needs to feed it once or twice a day. You can provide them with raw chicken necks, chopped vegetables, beef liver and cottage cheese.

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