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Miki dogs bred in the early 1980s are relatively a new and rare breed of toy dogs. It is a crossbreed between the Papillon and a Maltese. Miki puppies are tiny statured dogs with big fluffy hair as well as feathered ears. It owns a different and unique personality and integrates features from different toy breeds. The dog is calm and affectionate with a superior intelligence levels.

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Interesting Facts

Facts About Miki Dog

Breed Group Toy/Companion
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin USA
Other Names Mi-Ki, Mi-Ki
Size & Height 10-11 inches
Weight Up to 10 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information AACA,APRI,CMA,DRA,IMR,MBUSA,MCOA,R
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size 1-4 puppies
Color Brown, White, Black, Tan, and Tricolor
Life Expectancy 13-15 years
Coat Smooth coat, Long coat
Price Above $1000

Temperament & Personality

Miki dogs like to be around people, they are nonaggressive and gets friendly with strangers and other pets.They are very calm and quiet, though they are alert and bark when threatened. It makes an excellent choice for a therapy dog as they are even-tempered. Socialization education is required at an early age, though they are not likely to develop behavior problems with pets and people like other dogs. Miki puppies display some cat-like features like washing its coat, laying in the sun, etc. It can adjust to a variety of living conditions.



Miki dog is small, but at the same time they are very active and requires some intense practices to meet up the exercise requirement. A long walk or jogging every day will be adequate to fulfill the needs. These puppies love to play and run and unleash them in a fenced yard to enjoy running and playing. The regular exercise routine will help the dog to stay fit both mentally and physically.


Brushing the dog once a week will help to get rid of dust particles. Their long hairs accumulate sand and dirt very easily. Regular brushing will not only help to keep the coat clean but also retain its smoothness.

Their short muzzle makes them suffer from respiratory problems and hence it is advised to check them repeatedly. Brushing their teeth once a week will help to keep up with their oral health. They have long hairs between their toes and shaving them can be a choice to help them stay germ-free.

Health Problems

Mi-Ki is a healthy breed and not prone to several significant health problems. Though, it can suffer from the issues which connected to toy breeds like the Patellar Luxation. As mentioned before, respiratory disorders might develop at times. To prevent frequent dog diseases and problems, veteran checks at regular intervals should be done to keep the dog healthy and fit.


Miki is an intelligent breed and responds well to training. They should not be trained until they are three months old. This breed also develops “small dog syndrome” hence, a firm and consistent trainer is required to teach this dog. Mi-ki puppies are eager to please and love to learn which makes training easy. Encouraging with rewards will help the little puppy to learn things faster.

Miki Dog Images


Dry dog food is good for Mi-Ki Puppies instead of raw food as it requires a constant supply of glucose. Kibbled beans is also a good choice as it is a good supply of glucose and the puppy can consume it at any point in time. Feeding them with proper glucose becomes necessary as glucose deficiency can lead the dog to crash. Canned food or raw meat is also a good choice, it is the ultimate source of energy for the canines.

The quantity of the food should be based on the daily level of exercise and activity and not on puppy’s weight. Overweight or underweight Miki can attract health problems with age.

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