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Mountain Cur


Mountain cur is a dog known for its working quality. It was specially bred to ward off the squirrels, raccoons bears and boars to protect their masters. This dog is one of the first few American purebreds and is a good family dog. It is a stocky, rugged working dog with a generic cur appearance. The coat tends to be normally short, but longer than the hounds.

Mountain Cur puppies has a fine undercoat with rough or smooth upper coat. Many puppies of this breed are born with dewclaws with feet, these dogs are very wide, sticky muscular with a wide head and a higher set ear. They can become all-purpose farm dog or a great working dog.

Black Mountain Cur

Facts About Mountain Curr

Breed Group Working Dog, Hunting Dog
Breed Type Mountain Cur
Country of Origin U.S
Other Names Mountain Kerr
Size & Height Medium, 18 to 26 inches
Weight 30 to 60 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information UKC, KSBA,DRA,OMCBA
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size 3-8 puppies
Color Brindle, Black, Brindle &Black
Life Expectancy 12-16 years
Coat Dense, Double, Short
Price $300-$500

Temperament & Personality

Mountain Kerr dogs are very intelligent, highly energetic, independent and herding dog. Their original talents and instincts can only be utilized when these dogs are reserved for hunting or working. If not, they can develop problem behaviors.

They are great guard dogs with minimum noise making. Mountain Curr has immense ability to smell and successful hunt. They can do every possible thing to please their master. Sometimes, they can become overprotective without a dominant master, but they are very vigilant about their property and their family.  These dogs are very obedient and happy and go well with children and other pets.



Mountain curr is a highly energetic dog and requires enough exercise to maintain its health.  High activities can be in the form of long walks, jogging, and playing games. They should be allowed to play and run in a fenced yard for good physical activity. Regular exercise will help the dog to stay mentally and physically fit.


Cur puppies have a short coat, hence do not require much grooming. Brushing once or twice a week will maintain coat cleanliness. Nails should be clipped when they overgrow with a nail clipper and painful ear infection can be prevented through regular ear checks to remove wax collection. Bathing is not required every week and it can rarely be done with a mild dog shampoo to maintain the dog’s coat.

Health Problems

Mountain Curs are healthy dogs and live up to 14-16 years. They do not have breed specific health issues, and no hereditary diseases are known. Simple care will help this dog reamian healthy from common dog diseases. Additionally, occasional tests and regular checkup with a veterinarian will be adequate.


These dogs are easy to train. the basic training should include socialization training, simple rules, dog etiquette etc. Pack leader training is also very important for this breed. As they are very intelligent and predictable, training sessions can be short to keep them excited. Praises, cuddle or some snack treats after completing or following the activities will help the puppies to be energetic and will make them cheerful learn things faster.

Mountain Cur Dog Pictures


These energetic dogs require high energy food. Dry dog food mixed with canned food, water, etc., will give balanced nutrition to mountain curr puppies. Vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, etc. should not be given more than 10% of the dog’s diet. Provide limited ‘table food’ to the dog to prevent vitamin and mineral imbalances or tooth or bone decay as it can make the dog develop extremely choosy eating habits or obesity.

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