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Norbottenspets originated in Sweden, but it is also famous in the bordering countries such as Finland. It was bred to help in farming activities, but due to its alertness and intelligence, it turned into a hunting dog. They are very popular for hunting wild animals like geese, raccoon, bear, and moose. It is medium sized with the compact and well-muscled body. Houses with yards will be appropriate for and condo life will suit if it gets enough space to run and channelize its energy.

Norrbottenspets Dog

Facts About Norrbottenspets

Breed Group Hunting Dog, Herding Dog
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Sweden
Other Names Norrbottenspitz, Nordic. Spitz, Pohjanpystykorva
Size & Height 42-46 cm
Weight Male : 24-33lbs

Female: 18-27 Pounds

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information NAPR, AKC/FSS, DRA, ACA
Shedding Moderate
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 5-7 puppies
Color Yellowish Red Patches,  white with Reddish Brown,
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Coat Straight, Hard and close to the body, Dense
Price $600-$800


Temperament & Personality

Norrbottenspets profoundly adhere to masters and is loving loyal as well as affectionate. They follow their master wherever they go. Their kind, playful and lively nature towards the little ones makes them a perfect family companion. Also, their friendliness with strangers does not make them superior watchdogs, though they do warn owners if they see any suspicious activity inside their territory. With herding background, they go well with other dogs and pets.



They are hunting dogs having very high energy levels that suits people who like outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and jogging. Take the pet for long walks and give enough play time in a fenced yard so that it can move and play freely.


Norbottenspets require minimum grooming where brushing regularly will keep its coat dirt free and will remove all the dead hairs. It doesn’t have a doggy odor, therefore frequent bathing is not required. Bath the dog when it is exceptionally filthy.

Brushing its teeth thrice a week will maintain its oral health. Moreover, eyes and ears require cleaning every week to prevent infection.

Health Problems

It is a healthy breed, but with increasing age Elbow Dysplasia is common. Occasional diagnosis and tests like X-Rays, Full Physical Examination, OFA on hips and elbows will be helpful. Random Veteran checks up will keep the dog healthy.


It is an intelligent breed and having the eagerness to please owners making training very easy. Though, positive training sessions are advisable to keep the dog revitalized as they get bored quickly. They like chasing and running, and the owner can utilize this likeness by giving them leash training.

Their barking instinct will improve with commands training like, “stop,” no,” etc., These instruction needs repetition to memorize the dog.



High nutrient food is preferable to keep up with its energy level. Homemade food or dry dog food i.e. 2-4 cups will meet its requirement. Meals divided into two parts will keep the digestion on right track.

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