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Poodle Beagle Mix Dog


Poogle was developed from a cross between the purebred Poodle and the Beagle. It is believed that it was first bred in the USA in the 1980s, though exact origin of this breed is unknown. Their appearance depends on the ruling genes inherited from the parents, it can be more like a beagle or a poodle. Over the last decade, it has emerged as one of the popular dog breeds that start with the letter “P”.

Poodle Beagle Mix

It is a small dog with a beautiful wavy coat of a Poodle and temperament of a Beagle, the popularity of this breed is increasing day by day.

Facts About Poogle
Breed Group Designer Dog, Watch Dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin USA
Other Names Beagapoo, Beapoo, beagle poodle mix
Size & Height 9-16 inches, SmallMedium
Weight 10-25 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information IDCR, DBR, ACHC, DDKC, DRA
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Yes
Litter Size N.A.
Color White, black, cream, gray, brown, white and brown, golden, tricolor
Life Expectancy 10-13 years
Coat Short, thin, thick, long
Price $150-$750

Temperament & Personality

Poogle loves to spend time with its family and is popular for its friendliness. It can adjust to both indoor and outdoor conditions and makes an excellent companion dog. These are fun-loving dogs and can entertain themselves by playing indoors. With early socialization, they like interacting with their family members and mix well with kids and other pets. It is a quiet dog but barks instantly if it finds something suspicious making them a great watchdogs. They are attention seekers like its parent and like to get praises and adoration by its family member.



Being a relatively active breed, it will require neutral exercising where a regular 30 minutes walk with plenty of play time will be adequate for the dog. Playing is its favorite activity, various puzzle games or playtime with other dogs or with its family member will be grateful. To keep the dog mentally awaken, leaving them alone to play in a fenced yard is advisable. Regular mental and physical exercise will restrict from developing problematic behaviors.


Grooming Poogle depends upon its appearance, i.e., the type of coat it inherits from its parents. Mostly the coat is short, dense and curly. However, there are a few Poogle who have medium and wavy hair. The dog is an average shedder and brushing twice a week will keep its coat dirt free. Teeth require regular brushing to prevent tartar buildup and tooth decay. Their droopy ear can collect germs, dust, and moisture quickly which can cause painful ear infections. Therefore it becomes crucial to clean the dog’s ear twice a week.

Health Problems

Poogle is an active dog that is bred from two healthy breeds, however, like all dogs they are prone to few health problems like obesity, dental problems, and ear infections. It can also develop few hereditary diseases. Therefore it is essential to know the health history of its parents. Vet checkup randomly will keep up with the health of the dog.


Poogle inherits intelligence from Poodle which is an intelligent dog and appears on the top ten lists. They naturally have an excitable nature and respond well to training. Therefore it is appropriate to teach them manners which will help them develop harmonious behavior. This nature will also stop the dog to run after cats or other pets and will help to mix with them quickly. They will pick up tricks and commands soon and will enjoy showing them as they like to please their master naturally. They have a strong prey drive, but early socialization is essential to get friendlier with other pets. Visiting dog parks will help them socialize with other dogs.

Poodle Beagle Mix Dog


Dry Dog food made for a small sized dog is advised. Small breed dog formulas are specially prepared to meet the high energy requirements of small and active dogs. Poogle love to eat and ends up overeating which results in gaining more weight. Unhealthy food is not appropriate for the dog, and their meals will require supervision of the master. Additionally, dividing their meals into two to three times a day will keep their digestion on track, and their habit of eating will also be met.

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