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Skye Terrier


The Skye Terrier is a purebred which originated on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. This breed was originally bred to hunt down animals like badgers, otters, and foxes. They are known for their elongated body, dense coat and a pair of floppy ears.


Interesting Facts

  1. Truly Royal dogs came into the limelight when Queen Victoria started vacationing in Scotland and brought this breed to the public eyes.
  2. Greyfriars Bobby, one of the best known Skyes was famous for watching over the grave of its owner for a period of 14 years. A statue in its honor stads in Edinburgh.

Facts About   Skye Terrier

Breed Group AKC terrier, watchdog,
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Scotland
Other Names Clydesdale terrier, Paisley terrier, Fancy terrier, Glasgow terrier, Silky Skye terrier
Size & Height Small to medium, up to 10 inches
Weight Up to 40 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ANKC, APRI, CET, KCGB, NKC, NZKC
Shedding NA
Hypoallergenic Maybe
Litter Size 4-6 puppies
Colour Black, grey, cream, fawn, white
Life Expectancy 12-14 years
Coat Straight, wiry, curly
Price NA

Temperament & Personality

The Skyes are a loyal, good-natured and a brave family dog. It will take its time before befriending someone. They are cautious and becomes wary when surrounded by strangers. This kind of trait makes them an excellent watchdog. They are sensitive but not submissive, with a sharp memory which makes them remember even the slightest mistreatments made to them.

They tend to get bored and destructive if left alone for a prolonged period. The Skyes make an ideal companion for the older children. Touching the dog is strictly prohibited when it is having its food. The Terriers can be aggressive towards dogs whom they don’t know.



The Sky terriers need a daily short walk or a play session with games like frisbee or catch and fetch. If not taken for a regular walking session, these dogs can develop behavioral issues. They will also enjoy a romp session within the fenced- in the yard.


The elegant and glamorous coat of the Skye terrier needs weekly brushing. The owner should use tools like the pin brush and the long-toothed brush to groom this dog. Untangle its hair before it goes for a bath. Nail care and dental hygiene also play an essential role in the grooming process. Lastly, trim their nails when the dog starts to scratch the floor.

Health Problems

Health issues such as Intervertebral disc disease, Hepatitis, Occipital disease, Tracheal collapse, and Atopic dermatitis can affect the dog. Occasional tests such as the Skin scrapping, eye tests, Internal imaginings will prevent it from getting various diseases.


Skye Terrier is not the easiest breed to train. To make the training sessions work, the trainer has to make the entire training process fun and entertaining. Gentle coaxing is the only method which works for this breed.



The food quantity and quality depends on the dog’s individual health needs. But an active dog like this needs a diet rich all the vital nutrients required to make them work throughout the entire day.

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