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The Stabyhoun is a beautiful, mostly black, and white breed that originated in a small place called the Friesland, in Northern Netherlands. The word Stabyhoun translates into stand by me dog. They have a sturdily built long coated pointer, with great height and the skin fits the body firmly. These dogs are known for their sleek coat, the long hair at the top, and shorter hair around the ears. The hair on the legs is bushy, with well-developed feet.


Interesting  Facts

  1. Staby is a unique breed and harbors a combination of traits, skills, and characteristics, which as a whole is unlikely in any other races.
  2. One of the rarest breeds in the world, it also has an exclusive club named after them, the UKSA.
  3. The word Stabyhoun should be pronounced as sta- bye- hoon.

Facts About   Stabyhoun

Breed Group Sporting dogs, Hunting dogs, Watchdogs, Retriever dogs
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Netherlands
Other Names Staby, Stabijhoun, Stabij, Friese Stabij, Frisian Pointing Dogs, Beiki
Height 50-53 cm
Weight 40-55 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information UKSA, ACR, AKC, ASA, FCI, SCA
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size Up to 7 puppies
Colour Black & White (standard color), brown & white
Life Expectancy 13-14 years
Coat Sleek & silky, soft
Price $600-$800 (new puppies)

Temperament & Personality

The Stabyhoun dog is an affectionate and tolerant hunting breed. They get along well with small kids, pets, and other animals, and are incredibly loyal and loving towards their family. They rarely show their aggressive side and are mostly kind and gentle. Their barking tendency ranges from minimal to rare and is also well-suited for first-time dog owners.

The Stabyhouns are very social animals, so they cannot thrive alone for a prolonged period. If deprived of protracted company, they can show their destructive side by barking and growling continuously. They are also a great hunting dog and can spend hours in the field, patiently and calmly waiting for a shot. Some Stabys can also be an excellent Gundog and can compete at various dog competitions. Early socialization will prevent them from becoming reserved for strangers in the future.



Some dogs will do fine with a small evening walk at the dog park, while others need a vigorous exercise regimen. Deprived of proper physical activities, these dogs can put on weight quickly. The Stabyhoun dog will love to play with small children and can also be used in any kind of physical training, be it agility, hunting, triathlon, endurance, or a humble Frisbee. These naturally healthy dogs, so a walk at the dog park or running short distances on a daily basis is ideal.


The Stabij dogs have a coat which is long, sleek and has a natural fresh smell. The breed does not need much of grooming, and they naturally keep their body neat and clean. However, they need weekly brushing over their coat to prevent matting. Hand plucking the dead hair is also a great option to avoid the accumulation of dirt and stiff hair. Other grooming and maintenance needs include cleaning the ear frequently to prevent the buildup of ear wax and the onset of ear infections.

The owner should get alert when the dog starts to scratch the floor with its nails. It indicates it’s the time for a nail clipping for the dog. Frequent bathing and washing off the coat should be avoided, as this may harm the dog’s natural distribution of oils throughout its entire body. They shed twice every year.

Health Problems

The breeding of the Stabyhouns is strictly regulated by the Dutch Association for Stabyhouns and Wetterhouns to prevent it from getting various diseases. Before the breeding starts, both the parents go through multiple tests and programmes, to ensure that the puppy is healthy. They may primarily suffer from Hip Dysplasia.


The Stabys are highly trainable, intelligent and has an eager to please nature. They require a firm and consistent training and profoundly need positive reinforcement training methods. Accelerate the training process with praises and food rewards to ensure that the process goes smoothly.


This breed needs a specially formulated diet. Switch over to a diet made for the running races in case the dog is going to participate in any kind of competition. Moreover, fix a diet plan only after prior consultation with a Vetinararian.

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