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Orang Asli, inhabitants of Malaysia bred Telomians as hunting dogs. These dogs were very effective in controlling and keeping away the vermins and other household pests that posed to be threats to their habitat. African Basenji and Australian Dingo are thought to be its close cousins, and some cynologists believe that these dogs are the missing link between them. An anthropologist discovered and initiated this breed to the west in 1963 and named them “Telomian.” He called the dog after the river Telom because he spotted it for the first time near the river. Telomian Dog Club formed in the year 1970 when a pair of these dogs migrated to the US. In 1973 the second pair was brought, and these dogs are said to be the descendants of these two pairs which were bred successfully and domesticated in the US.

Interesting Facts

  • If the master doesn’t feed the dog on time, these dogs catch small preys and eat them.
  • Like other singing dogs, this dog also has an estrus cycle which peaks annually in September and October.
Facts About Telomian
Breed Group Purebred
Breed Type Watchdog, Guard dog, Working Dog
Country of Origin Domesticated in the U.S.A (Native of Malaysia)
Other Names N.A
Size & Height Medium

15-19 inches

Weight 18 to 28 Lbs
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information DRA, APRI
Shedding Low
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size N.A
  • Any shade of sable and white is also seen along with a black mask.
  • Common shades include black and white; tan and white
Life Expectancy 12-14
Coat Smooth and Short
Price N.A

Temperament & Personality

These dogs are brilliant as watchdogs because of their hunting instincts. They are alert breeds with a strong intuition of sensing danger and informing their family for the same making them an ideal watchdog. They are not excessive barkers, but growls and howls when they sense any danger like its cousins, Basenji, and New Guinea Singing. Telomians possess excellent climbing skills due to their original living conditions where they had to use ladders to reach homes as they were built on stilts to acquire protection from insects and wild animals.

Due to their climbing skills, they have excellent paw control and can hold toys, food and open doors with great ability. They make amusing faces especially when they plead for a treat. Telomians were bred in wild areas and might stay indifferent to adapt to the human world if not socialized at an early stage. However, when they learn to mingle with people and other pets, they appear to be the best pet. These dogs are perfect companions, they display obedience, loyalty and the ability to please its owner in all the ways it can. Moreover, they can be perfect playmates for children due to their playful, energetic nature. Telomian can also quickly adapt to any environments.



Telomians are highly energetic and require intense activity each day. Apartments dogs will need long walks and playtime in a dog’s park. Places having a fenced yard are ideal as these dogs love to play games like catching, ball fetching and many more. When they are indoors, they should be kept busy with interactive toys that provide mental stimulation. Inadequate exercise routines tends to develop destructive behaviors in them.



It is a low maintenance dog and requires brushing once a week. The best brush is bristle brush which helps to remove the dead loose hair and keep its coat dirt free and shiny. Telomians will need bathing when they are exceptionally filthy or develop a bad odor. Excess bathing and harsh shampoo will remove the essential oils from the skin leading to skin rashes and itchy skin. When the dog requires a bath, use a mild dog shampoo to keep its coat healthy. Nails will need trimming every week or when they overgrow to prevent scratches. Ears will need regular checkups to bar wax collection and painful ear infections. Additionally, they will need a proper dental plan which includes in-depth cleaning and routine brushing to assure it has healthy gums and teeth.

Health Problems

It is a rare breed, and not much information is known about its health problems. They might suffer from few diseases or might be considered as a healthy breed.



They are easy to train as they have a sharp mind, eagerness to please their trainer and obedient nature.

Socializing them from early days is very crucial to develop a friendly behavior. Visiting dog parks, public places like bus stops and unknown roads will help the dog to meet new people and pets.  Hence, the dog will find it very easy to mingle with other pets.

Before taking them out, it is crucial to give them leash training. The dog likes to play and associate its leash training with its play schedule. It will enjoy getting used to the strap. Positive training methods like praises, gifts, and hugs will promote the dog learn things very quickly. These are intelligent dogs and will pick up commands very quickly.


It is an energetic dog and requires a healthy diet to keep up with its energy level. Homemade food or commercial dry dog food of 2 cups will be sufficient for the dog.


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