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Valley Bulldog


Valley Bulldog is a crossbreed. It is a cross between a boxer and English Bull Dog. These dogs originated in Annapolis Valley, Canada and Nova Scotia from which their name came from. In the 1900s the breed became popular in Canada, but the age of the breed is not known.


Facts About Valley Bulldog

Breed Group Mastiff, Working dog, Guard Dog
Breed Type Crossbreed
Country of Origin Canada
Other Names Bull Boxer, boxer bulldog mix
Size & Height Medium

14-18 inches

Weight 40-70 Pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information ACHC, DDKC, IDCR, DBR,DRA, IOEBA
Shedding Seasonal
Hypoallergenic No
Litter Size 6-8 puppies
Color Black, fawn, white, tan, brindle, red, brown or combinations.
Life Expectancy 9-14 years
Coat Silky and Short
Price $500 – $2000

Temperament & Personality

The dog is famous for its cheery disposition. These dogs are very obedient, loyal, calm natured and caring, but sometimes they behave erratically. This breed love merrymaking and can become best playmates for the kids in the house. They bark to inform its owner when they see any suspicious activity in the territory which makes them an ideal guard dogs. Valley Bulldog becomes aggressive especially when they are guarding their house at night and can bark on anything.  At times they can behave awkwardly with the English bulldog gene. These are intelligent dogs and like to be around its family. They cannot tolerate excessive hot or cold climatic conditions. It is advisable to keep them indoors at night and not in kennels.



They require massive and balanced workout every day. They enjoy going for jogs and walks with its master. Allowing them to play in an open area is appreciated by the dog. Therefore, houses with a fenced yard are ideal for them. They are tough chewers and require durable toys for playing.


They have a short coat which makes grooming easy. Brushing their coat with a soft comb once a week will be sufficient to keep their coat dirt free and healthy. Their skin-folds require particular attention and the face wash formulated especially for dogs will be useful. Their wrinkle area will need to be wiped out with a damp cloth and dry the area after cleaning. Bath the dogs when they get filthy.

The ears will retain moisture and wax collection and require checking every week to thwart painful infection. Their nails grow very fast and need reviewing every week, overgrown nails will require clipping with a clipper. Tooth brushing twice a week will keep up with its oral health and baffle tartar development.

Health Problems

English bulldog boxer mix dogs develop skin problems and allergies by yeast, therefore keeping their skin dry is very important after walks, bath or after getting drenched in the rain. The female dogs have skin fold near their genital areas which should be kept dry. If allergies arise, it will be crucial to take them to the veteran. Other health problems seen in this breed are flatulence, breathing problem, weight gain. However, breathing problems depends upon how pushed the dog’s snout is.


These dogs are intelligent dogs and can pick up tricks and tips very quickly. They are well behaved, but still, it requires to be socialized with new people and other pets. A firm and consistent trainer is necessary to train this dog. Otherwise, the dog might behave as it is the leader of the pack. Punishing the dog will get things wrong, but a definite training method will allow the dog to learn things very fast.



Commercial dry dog food like other bulldog breeds is advisable for them. Giving them extra food needs supervision to prevent overeating. Dividing the meals into two halves will keep their digestion on track.




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