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Volpino Italiano


Volpino Italiano is a direct descendant of the Spitz breed of dogs and is in existence for the last five thousand years. On the other hand, some reports mention that these dogs got a reputable place in the paintings and artifacts from the ancient ages. Their popularity persisted in the Italian royal community over centuries. Some reports also mention that Queen Victoria herself had some Volpinos in her possession after her visit to Italy.

They have a great fan following owing to their soft and fluffy coat, a straight muzzle, a pair of fox-like pointed ears, ahead of the shape of a wedge, two deep and dark eyes, and a curly feather-like tail. They have a striking appearance which appeals to people.

Italian Spitz

Interesting Facts

  1. Pronunciation of the word Volpino Italiano is Vol-pi-no-ita-Ija-no.
  2. Volpino dog borrows its name from the Italian word Volpes, which means fox, that in turn compliments its foxy body.
  3. Some mistake this breed to the Pomeranian and the American Eskimo.

Facts About Volpino Italiano

Breed Group Rare dogs, Watchdogs
Breed Type Purebred
Country of Origin Italy
Other Names Volpino, Italian Foxy
Size & Height Small, 10-12 inches
Weight 9-11 pounds
Competitive Registration / Qualification Information VCA, NAVC, FCI, UKC
Shedding Minimal
Hypoallergenic Maybe
Litter Size 2-8 puppies
Colour Tan, red, white, black
Life Expectancy 14-16 years
Coat Dense, fluffy, long
Price $600-$800(new puppies)

Temperament & Personality

They always emerge as a great family dog because of their highly energetic and lively personality. But at times they can be clingy and aloof, not only with the family but also with strangers. If the owner channelizes their watchdog’s ability properly, they can be great guard dogs and even gundogs.

They will mingle well with older children who have the ability and matureness of dealing with a dog of this size. They can quickly adapt to any kind of environment, be it an apartment life or the life of the countryside. Being a primitive breed, these dogs have a natural dominating personality and need a firm leader.



The owner and his family need to spend some time with this dog to boost its energy level. This little wonder can be a great prankster, so the owner can engage the dog in the various form of tricky activities to maintain a balance between the body and the mind. When left alone, for these dogs will instead keep themselves inactive by sitting at a fixed place.


The Volpino needs weekly brushing to keep themselves matt-free. This breed goes through seasonal shedding, and when it does, it needs will particular attention. If the owner clips off the excess hair, especially from the toe and pad areas, the dog will get immense benefit and prevention from various kind of coat issues.

Health Problems

The Volpino Italiano breed can suffer from health issues such as Patellar Luxation, and Lens Luxation. A yearly full physical checkup will prevent the dog from getting various kind of diseases.


Training can start with commands like stop, shhh, go, etc. which will pave the way for future training. Every time the dog completes its tricks and training with distinction, the owner should praise and give food rewards to the dog, which will boost its confidence.



The owner should feed both the Volpino pups and the adult ones with high-quality dog food to ensure that the stays happy and healthy for a prolonged period.

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