The Akita Shepherd is known as the Shepkita is a mix of the German shepherd and an Akita Inu. It is a giant breed originated in the 1800s and bred as a sheepherder. The Germans were the first to notice the dog’s intelligence and then employed it as a courier dog for the German military and used in both World War I and World War II. This hybrid has been bred in the mid-1900s in geographical areas similar to its parent breeds. As they are a crossbreed, the Akita Shepherd does not belong officially to any breed category

Temperament and personality

They are large and courageous making them apt to be used as personal protection dogs. These are also physically very powerful with a stout figure and muscular features. Akita shepherds belong to the intelligent category and are very serious and brave. But they can be very affectionate and loyal at the same time. Remaining quiet and calm but always alert, they always are ready to defend their homes and family.  If well trained, they can be very obedient, but in cases, they have their aggressive sides. They can also be very energetic and playful while being very good with strangers, children or other animals too. These traits make Akita Shepherds good guard dogs. 

Akita Shepherd Characteristics

Adaptability To Apartment Living

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Tolerance Levels

Affection towards Family

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Stranger Friendliness

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Care - How to raise an Akita Shepherd?


The Akita Shepherd Mix is full of work ethic and enjoys any task given to them. They can easily spend an hour or more exercising in a cold climate. These dogs are known to be very eager to follow their masters on runs, hikes or other expeditions. They are very much adventurous, so they are best suitable for rural or suburban areas where they can get more exposure because of the vast expanses of land for running and exploring. Even indoor games can stimulate their minds. They enjoy tugs of war, tusking or playing with a Frisbee. At least 20 minutes of playtime must be ensured to them.


Grooming is required every week to keep it in the perfect condition and you can use a grooming brush. One should keep in mind that these dogs shed heavily during particular seasons, so grooming is essential. You need to brush daily to minimise the hairs settled anywhere in the house during shedding time. Other grooming necessities include trimming of the nails but make sure not to cut them too low. Ears need to be checked and cleaned once in a week with a damp cloth so that infections can be prevented easily. Additionally, bathing should be given when needed (twice a year), or else it may strip off the oil on the coat. Lastly, strictly avoid shaving or trimming the coat frequently.

Health problems

There are some health issues which includes thyroid problems, cancer, lupus, luxating patella, skin problems and other autoimmune disorders. Some of these health concerns may be serious. Possible health conditions may be hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia inherited from the parent Akita. Dry eyes may also occur if they keep opening their eyes while sleeping. Some of these may be allergic to corn. Other health issues that the Akita might inherit from the ancestors are epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, spleen tumors, blood disorders, chronic eczema conditions and even keratitis.


The moment an Akita shepherd is brought to the home, training should be started. They are best responsive to positive training and are not stubborn. They need training from day one for the best results, while the master needs to own the trust of the pet through proper positive training methods. Also, they are brilliant and if the Akita Shepherd carries more of the German shepherd genes, then they are easier to train and learn quickly. But at times they can be stubborn and the trainer must act strong and lead. Although not hard to train, one has to build dominance and remaining calm, firm and consistent with the training.


In yesteryears, these dogs were fed with rice, sea plants and fish. But nowadays, many supplements can be given to them along with a perfectly balanced diet with all the essential nutrients. For the first four months, puppy food should be fed to them and in case you are feeding them with homemade foods, you should use fresh ingredients for preparing the food. Avoid using preservatives in their food. The best source of protein for Akita dogs is meat, undoubtedly. Also, vegetables must be included to supply adequate vitamins and minerals. You may use quality dry food for them which act as the primary element of their diet and complete the nutrition in their body. An adult Akita requires 5-6 cups of quality dry food that may be divided into two meals a day.

Akita Shepherd Facts

Akita Shepherd

Breed Type:


Other Names:

Shepkita, German Shepherd akita mix, Akita

Height & Weight:

26-28 inches & 75-120 pounds


Black, Black and Tan, Merle, Sable, Brindle, Brown, Golden, White, Light Brown, & Light Brown. Also maybe Speckled, or Spotted

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:



10-13 years


Soft, medium, dense, rough




United States of America,[North America]

Adaptability To Apartment Living
Good for 1st Time Owners
Tolerance Levels
Affection towards Family
Kid Friendliness
Stranger Friendliness
Ease of Grooming
General Health
Prey Drive
Exercise Needs
Energy Level




We had an Akita Shepherd in my family, named Oscar. We got him in 2004, and sadly we had to put him down in 2019. �yep, that�s 15 years! He looked almost exactly like a GSD. Funny enough, he had the Akita mask, but it was tan instead of black. Oscar was a very intelligent and social dog, sometimes overly so. We didn�t have any problems with aggression whatsoever, but we DID have problems with him jumping that only got resolved when he slowed down in his sunset years. Oscar was quite gentle. He was really good with people, as well as other animals such as our cats, and our chickens too. In fact, we often had to remove the squeakers from his toys � when he made them squeak, he thought he had hurt it and he would stop playing with his toy. Poor guy! TRAINING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT WITH AKITA SHEPHERDS! I cannot stress this enough! Akita Shepherds are strong dogs. They may inherit a GSD�s strong jaw and bite, or the Akita�s much more protective mindset. The reason why Osc



The third dog I owned was an Akita/Shepherd cross. She was exuberantly happy with her people and guarded us without being taught. She was wary of strangers and if she didn�t like them, that person would not get close to me. They�d have to go through her first, and no one ever tried. My daughter, who was around 9 at the time, took Sugar with her to the store. The dog stuck with her, even if she wasn�t holding the leash (not approved by mom, by the way). Some kids came at my daughter in a threatening manner, holding bottles and rocks. The dog got between my daughter and the other kids and growled fiercely. My daughter said, �All her hair stood up! Her entire back and up the neck!� The kids got scared and said, �You better control your dog!� My daughter, being the redhead she is, said �No!� The kids beat a hasty retreat. This dog refused to take food from strangers. Not doggy treats in the pet store, and not even hotdogs or meat. She�d stare at them and not move.


April Day

We had an Akita Sheppard mix (King)he lived till 14, died this past summer. We got him three years before my first child. Everyone said not to have him with children. He turned out to be the most loving affectionate dog with my three girls. He would follow them everywhere. Sit in the yard with them if they were playing with toys he would just lay their with them. My oldest would lay on him while doing home work. When they were babies they would crawl all over him. He never once ate any of their things. Never touched their toys of stuffies. Each time i was pregnant he would not leave my side and his head was always on my stomach. I don�t think i will ever find another dog like him. Never once jumped on them. I can�t explain how amazing he was with kids.



I have a 4 month old Akita Shepherd female, Yuki. She is incredibly responsive to the clicker training and positive reinforcement style of training that she�s received over the last ) weeks. She�s intelligent beyond belief. Absolutely the easiest puppy puppy I�ve ever had.


Jonathan Weeks

That is an amazing experience you have shared. Dogs are certainly one of those god gifts that not only become one of our best friends but are amongst the most caring creatures we ever come across.

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