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The Beaglier is a mix breed of the Beagle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. They are adorable and most of the time they will be stick to your side. The Beaglier first developed in Australia during a crossbreeding program in the 1990s. Breeders were searching for a small and energetic dog with a less drive for scent than the Beagle and so they started to cross breed the Beagle with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed, which resulted in the formation of the Beaglier. Since the time, their popularity has been growing over the years and they are found throughout North America and Europe. They are very well known in Australia because of their temperaments. These are popular designer dogs and deliberately bred.

Temperament and Personality

The Beaglier is a small and docile dog and are excellent dogs for families with children. They are also tolerable to other dogs. Due to their Beagle genes, they may not get too well with other pets other than dogs because of their hunting characteristics. Young kids love the affectionate nature of the Beaglier dogs as they can turn every day to be a fun-filled one. Beagliers have a quiet and sweet nature and adults will benefit much from them after a long tiring day. These dogs comprise of excellent abilities to sniff inherited from their Beagle parents. So you may expect them to follow their nose all the time where it would take them. The Beaglier is a curious, playful and affectionate breed of dog. They love being around humans and other dogs. They can be energetic but are well natured and very much loyal. They are confident dogs and have high hunting abilities. They have a loving and gentle nature in them and make an excellent companion and a family pet. But they can be full of anxiety if left alone for a prolonged time.


Beagles flourish more with much of outdoor exercise. An hour or two hours of walks in a day is essential for the beagles. Playing time like fetching, chasing or tug of war is also sufficient for burning off the energy and calories in their tiny bodies. If you notice your Beaglier to be destructive or feeling anxious, then you must make sure to increase the number of outdoor games and play. Also, this should help to keep them healthy, happy and active. Beagliers can be fine in apartment living if they are taken out on a daily basis. They can also get enough of exercise from indoor playing and two times walk in a day. They will enjoy if you make them a visit a dog park where you can dog games with them and involving them in fun activities.


Beaglier dogs require average grooming for they shed moderately to frequent in amount. You need to brush them each day to maintain the good health of the hair. They also require bathing but only if they need them and you must use a dog shampoo, or else the natural oils of the skin may strip out from the body affecting the skin. You must also check the ears frequently for infection and you need to wipe them clean. Use dog ear cleansing solutions and use cotton balls or a damp cloth for wiping. Make sure not to insert anything into the ears to avoid pain and irritation. Try to keep them dry and clean all the time especially after a bath or if out in the rains to avoid any growth of organisms. Brushing the teeth is also required two to three times in a week and nails must also need clipping if they get too long. However, the Beagliers do not need excessive grooming like many other breeds.

Health problems

Crossbreed dogs may inherit some of their parents’ diseases. So Beagliers also has the same tendency. The health issues include ear infections, cherry eye, diseases of the heart, epilepsy, glaucoma, hypothyroidism and the intervertebral disc disease too.  Also, hip dysplasia and luxating patellas may affect them along with vision and hearing problems. You may note that once they get older, they might have no risk of any of these diseases, but there is always a possibility of developing these disorders at any point in time. So you must ask the breeder and make sure of the health clearances for your Beaglier puppy.


However, there has been a debate on whether the Beaglier dogs are trainable or not. If they are more prone to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes, they would be timid but very eager to please its master while training period. On the other hand, Beagles are stubborn and notorious dogs when it comes to training them. But the Beaglier dogs as crossbred might be easier for commanding and training. You must be patient and firm with them. Speak to them in an even tone and use treats and rewards to praise them. Keep in mind that the training of the Beaglier is not an easy task. They should be handled with calmness and positive techniques. Early socialization and training are required for them to deal easily with the world.


You must get in touch with a veterinarian for the best guidance regarding the dog food for your Beaglier at different stages of growth. The Beagliers are smaller in size so they will need a total of ¾ cups to 1.5 cups of dog food in a day which must be split into two or three meals in a single day. The most crucial time for your Beaglier is when it is in its puppyhood days and is growing. During this time, they need to be fed with a premium food diet for optimum nutrition providence. You may give the same food type as commonly served to other dogs of the same size and activity levels. But if you opt or dry food such as kibbles then you must not compromise with the quality and quantity of the food given to the Beaglier. Also, you need to maintain food diets according to the age variation which would help in avoiding obesity. And this will also help in enhancing its reproductive abilities, improvement in its mental health and also support to have further growth in the body and keep them fit even in older age.

Beaglier Facts



Breed Type:


Other Names:



Height & Weight:

12-16 inches & 10-20 pounds


Black, White, Brown, tricolor

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:



10-13 years


Short, medium, wavy, hard





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