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The origin of Finnish Spitz is unknown, but the local people used the same type for about hundred years for all types of game hunting. It is assumed that this type was brought by the Finno Ugrian tribes from central Russia, they used Finnish for all purposes. Living in isolation, it developed with no substantial effect on the outer world. But with the development of roads, transportation improved and people started accessing remote places. They brought their dogs with them, and crossing began. Excessive crossbreeding resulted in the extinction of the Finnish Spitz by 1880.

Hugo Sandberg and Hugo Roos, sportsman of Helsinki, saved this breed from extinction. Roos bred this dog for not less than thirty years, and it is famous for the preservation of the breed and aggregating foundation stock.

The Finnish Spitz Club of America (FSCA), which was dedicated to promote and protect this breed established in 1975. It got recognition from American Kennel Club in 1988.


  • Australian Shepherd & Finnish Spitz mix
  • Chow Chow & Finnish Spitz mix
  • German Shepherd & Finnish Spitz mix
  • Husky & Finnish Spitz mix
  • Shiba Inu & Finnish Spitz mix

Temperament & Personality

Finnish Spitz has a cheerful and genial disposition who loves to spend time with its family members. For lively owners, they make ideal companions. However, they are smart, but they remain puppyish and silly up to 4 years, as they developmental maturity slowly. Due to their playful and affectionate nature, they go well with kids. They stay alert all the time which makes them an excellent watchdog. Being very protective of its family, they never step back to defend an awkward situation. These puppies are never shy or aggressive of strangers, but very suspicious of them. They go well with other pets if they grow up together. Being a hunting breed, they hunt uniquely and also run after small animals or moving objects. They do well in houses with a yard and do not fit in apartment life.


Being energetic and lively, they have superior activity requirements. Activities can be in the form of walking, jogging, indoor games like a ball rolling, Frisbee, playtime in an open yard, etc. Owners can also take them to Dog’s Park where they can move and play freely. If they do not get the adequate exercise, they might develop odd behaviors like digging, barking, bird chasing, etc.


Their double dense coat requires weekly brushing, but regular brushing is essential during their shedding time to remove dirt and loose hairs. Due to their dry coat, they do not have an odor, and frequent bathing is not crucial. But bathe them when they are extremely dirty with a vet prescribed shampoo. Trim hairs under their feet pads when they overgrow. Owners can seek from a professional groomer or do it alone.

They tend to grow nails faster than other breeds which can crack if not appropriately trimmed and hinder regular activities like walking, run, etc. However, cutting them twice a month will serve the purpose. Brush their teeth twice a week to avoid development tartar and oral problems.

Ears can catch up infections due to water, dirt buildup and need regular checking to prevent infections and pain. Clean their ears with Vet prescribed ear solution. Clean their corner of the eyes with a damp cloth to remove tear stains.

Health Problems

Finnish Spitz puppies are prone to some diseases like epilepsy, patellar luxation, and canine hip dysplasia. But occasional tests like eye checkups, full body checkup, and screening, x-ray, blood tests can minimize the risk.


Teaching these dogs is a challenging task due to their stubborn and independent nature. They learn fast with short training sessions and by soft voice orders.

Socializing can become easy by taking them to different busy places like a supermarket, bus stops busy roads and Dogs Park, to provide them with socialization. It will allow them to meet unknown faces, different sounds and situations and make them more flexible.

Command training is essential to polish their skills, enhance the relationship between the dog and the owner and to minimize their excessive barking behavior. Commands like ‘no,’ ‘yes,’ ’stop,’ ‘come’ are some simple commands which are essential.

To reduce their chasing instincts and to keep them in control, leash training is essential. Teach them when they are a puppy, tie a leash and allow them to walk for shorter distances. Also, when they move according to the orders offer them treat they will understand how to react. Try this at home when they become expert take them for leash walks.

Opt for positive training methods like praises and treats, it will allow them to learn things quickly. Also, make sessions short and varied to prevent boredom.


Metabolism of Finnish Spitz is exceptionally effectual for primitive breeds, says one breed expert. It means overfeeding will result in obesity quickly. But being a reasonably active breed, it requires carbs and protein-rich diet to suffice its requirements. Superior quality dry dog food 1 ½ to 2 ½ cups will be ideal for them. However, owners should check their calorie intake and weight, if they gain weight table scraps and treats should be minimized.

Finnish Spitz Facts

Finnish Spitz


Breed Type:


Other Names:

Suomenpystykorva, Finsk Spets, Finnish Spets, Finnish Hunting Dog, Suomalainen pystykorva, Loulou Finois,

Height & Weight:

Male: 18-20 inches Female:16 -18 inches & Male:25-33 lbs Female: 20-28 lbs


Puppies: Black, Fawn, Dark gray, brown, Adults: Dark chestnut, Pale honey, Golden-red

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:

NULL3-6 puppies


13-15 years


Straight, long, harsh outer coat, Double, soft, dense, short undercoat,





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