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The Gerberian Shepsky is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. These designer dogs are smart, focused, and jovial and fit right in the role of a perfect family pet. Although they carry genes from both their parents, the dominant genes are responsible for their phenotypical and genotypical characteristics. A big broad face and a pair of blue eyes are the typical characteristics of any Gerberian. They have erect ears coupled with dark brown to black noses. They possess robust and muscular bodies and fat tails and look very gorgeous. And their coats are dependant on the parental genes they inherited. 

Interesting Facts

  • Never disturb a Gerberian Shepsky when they are drinking water or eating food.

Temperament & Personality

German Shepherd Husky mix puppy can grow into an attentive and loyal towards their masters and their families. Their protective nature comes from the genes of German Shepherd parents. However, at times, they turn to be over-possessive and over-protective, and hence – little kids should not be left alone with them. These brave and watchful working dogs do an excellent job in guarding their families. They pets are amicable with children and other pets. However, these dogs do not like strangers and could become suspicious in front of them. These highly energetic and smart dogs are a perfect candidate to serve the military and police forces, for herding as well as search and rescue operations, and also for watching and guarding their masters and their families. They are habituated to cold climatic conditions and are not recommended for those pet owners and potential owners who live in the proximity of deserts. If isolated for too long, they start to howl in a repetitive manner.



Gerberian Shepsky puppies are highly active dogs, take them for long walks and jogs, and allow them to run, jump and play. Lac of exercise restricts them from burning all the energy they have and make them destructive. They love their owners and expect their masters to be interested. Make sure that you unleash your pet only in a fenced yard.


The frequency of grooming your siberian husky german shepherd mix is entirely dependent on the type of coat it has. Brush their double coat a minimum of two to three times per week on an average to stimulate their oil glands ( this enhances the secretion of body oils ) and to eliminate dead strands. Doing so helps in preserving their natural, soft shine. Also - clean their ears regularly, preferably by a professional, as they are prone to developing ear wax. As these dogs have a strong disliking for water, make sure that it takes a bath before drenching in water. This is a critical point which you should never forget.

Health Problems

Husky and german shepherd mix is considered a healthy breed, but can suffer from hereditary and common canine diseases like cataracts, endocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPA), epilepsy, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy ( PRA ). Occasionally diagnose for bloating and go for ocular tests, complete physical checkups, X-rays from time to time.


If the Husky parents’ genes are dominant, then your dog will be free-willed and stubborn most likely. Such puppies need an authoritative and firm pack leader to train them successfully. Shower those mixed puppies with praises and rewards, treat them with foods, or give them the impression that you are impressed with their performance, whenever they listen to your commands or complete a task that you have provided. And do not even think about managing these dogs in a rough manner.


The food habits of Shepskies is similar to other large breeds. Make sure that its diet contains 25% and 30% of protein for granular and non-granular foods respectively.

Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd Husky Mix) Facts

Gerberian Shepsky

Breed Type:


Other Names:

Shepsky Dog, Siberian Shepherd, German Husky, Husky Shepherd, German Shepherd Husky

Height & Weight:

20-25 inches ( adults ) & 45 - 88 Pounds ( full-grown male or female )


Golden, Grey, White, Salt  & pepper, Cream, Brown, Black, Blue, Black & Tan

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Low Shedding


Average Litter Size:

3 – 5 puppies


10 – 13 Years


Short, soft, dense, delicate, medium, thick, double


$350 - $850

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