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Majestic Tree Hound is a tall and powerful stature dog and was developed from a cross between Bloodhound and the Black Coonhound. It is believed that it originated in the 20th century. This breed was developed to create a breed similar to the hunting breeds which were used by the American settlers. It is known for its hunting skills and were used in hunting games for mountain lions, deer and raccoons. Although they have an authoritative physical appearance, these dogs do not have any inclination to bite or harm people.

Temperament & Personality

Majestic Hound has a robust smelling sense and can find any suspicious thing or animal easily from its hiding place. They make a good family pet, besides their hunting and tracking skills. These dogs do well when they get appreciation and easily gets along with strangers and other pets. They make an excellent companion for kids, but interactions require supervision as they are little playful and energetic when young. It is not suitable for apartment dwellers as the dog needs space to play and run.


These dogs are energetic and lively. Therefore they require minimum 40-60 minutes regular training. Majestic Hound likes to stay outdoors but can walk miles with its companion. Extended sessions of activities should include running, walking and jogging. It will keep the dog healthy both physically and mentally.


Brushing the coat twice a week will keep the dog remain dirt free and prevent dead hairs from falling. Cleaning the coat with Hound Mitt or a firm bristle brush will ensure cleanliness as these brushes are appropriate for this dog breed. Occasional baths will keep them clean and odor free, while to maintain dental hygiene brushing its teeth twice a week  will prevent tartar buildup and help the dog to keep up its oral health. Nails require clipping when they overgrow.

Health Problems

  • Primary Concerns: Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Epilepsy and Entropion
  • Minor Concerns: Hypothyroidism and skin infections. ‘

Occasional tests include X-Ray, Eye Checkup, Blood tests and regular checkup with the veteran will keep the dog healthy.


Majestic Hound is an intelligent breed and can learn tricks very quickly. To give leash training, firstly, right collar and rope are necessary. While taking out the dog for the first time, the owner needs to be patient by handling the dog slowly and not make him walk or run as it will take time to get familiar with the rope and collar. Obedience and socialization training should be also on the list. With praises, rewards, and treats, the dog will learn tricks very quickly.


Majestic Tree Hound require high nutritious food, it can be homemade or the commercial ones available in the market. 4-5 cups of Dry Dog food will be adequate to keep up its energy level. Monitoring the food intake is necessary to prevent the dog from getting fat.

Majestic Tree Hound Facts

Majestic Tree Hound


Breed Type:


Other Names:

Majestic Hound, Bloodhound-Coonhound Mix,

Height & Weight:

25-30  inches & 75-110 Pounds


White, gray, red, brown, blue, black and tan, black

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:



10-14 years


Short, dense, very thick




United States of America,[North America]

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