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The exact origin is a mystery yet, but some experts and researchers believe that Black mouth cur is related to European and Asian cur dogs.  Curs originated in the southeastern U.S, and one can find a variety of Curs, in the country. Being, hardy and dependable, they were used for herding cattle, guard property and hunt wild boars by pioneers.

Temperament & Personality

Blackmouth curs are courageous and tenacious which makes them perfect cattle and hunting dogs. They have a reliable and stable attitude which makes them ideal companion dogs. These puppies are very playful and loving with their family members, but stay aloof with strangers. Curs are easy going, but early socialization helps them to associate with other pets and children. Blackmouth curs were herding dogs, and they love working. They are very affectionate, loving and protective to their families. This breed is bold and confident making them perfect watchdogs. They are large sized dogs and will not do well in apartment life and require a house with a fenced yard.


Black Mouth Cur puppies are very active and require high activity schedule. Long walks or jogs twice a day with an adequate amount of playtime in a fenced yard or dog’s park will provide them free space to roam and play. Owners should keep them engaged and active in some activity. Otherwise, they can establish development and behavioral issues. Apart from physical exercise, they need mental training too. Hence, providing them with puzzle toys or playing games with the owner like Frisbee, hide and seek, etc. will keep them busy and mentally active.


Curs have a single coat which is easy to maintain. Their coat needs cleaning once or twice a week to keep them dirt free and remove dead hairs. Bathing is necessary when they are filthy. Additionally, brush their teeth twice a week to prevent tartar development and prevent oral problems. Trim their nails when they overgrow. If they have tear stains, clean it with a damp, wet towel. They are prone to ear infections, and it efficiently traps water, dirt and other substances. If not cleaned properly it can cause infections and pain. Clean their ears with Vet prescribed ear cleaner.

Health Problems

Black mouth cur puppies are healthy, but they do suffer from some genetic problems. Some conditions that affect Cur dogs include epilepsy, ear infections, cataracts and hip dysplasia. Occasional tests like X-ray, blood test, full body check-up, eye examination, vision tests and random veterinarian checkups will keep the dog healthy.


These puppies are smart, intelligent and have a pleasing nature. They are stubborn at times making training tough. Hence, it is advisable to start training at an early age. They are smart enough to learn commands fast but still, require a consistent and firm trainer.

Socialization and obedience training is essential from an early age. By visiting parks or crowded places, they will not only able to meet new people but also make them well behaved.

Curs get bored quickly, and their sessions should be varied and short. Positive reinforcement will help them to pick up tricks and commands quickly.


Feeding depends upon the activity level and size of the dog. Working dogs that maintain livestock or hunt will require energetic foods to keep up with their energy level and perform daily activities. But dogs with low physical activities need fewer energy foods. However, the veterinarian can help to decide their proper diet depending upon their activity levels and size. But ordinarily, they are given 2-2 ½ cups of dry dog food to keep them healthy. Homemade food that is perfectly balanced with veggies, lean meat, etc. is also ideal for them.

Mcnab dog Facts

Mcnab dog


Breed Type:


Other Names:

Blackmouth Cur, American Black Mouth Cur, East Texas Brindle Cur, East Texas Cur, Red Black Mouth Cur, Southern Cur, Yellow Black Mouth Cur, Yeller Cur, Southern Black Mouth Cur

Height & Weight:

16-25 inches & 45-95 pounds


Brown, Chocolate, Black, fawn, yellow

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:

(ABMCBA)  American Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association, (SBMCBA)Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association, (ACR) American Canine Registry, (CKC)Continental Kennel Club, (FBMCBO)Foundation Black


Low Shedding



Average Litter Size:

5-10 puppies


12-18 years


Single coat with short hairs


$300-$500 USD


United States of America,[North America]

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Philip Salvatore

The McNab is a breed developed by Alexander McNab in the latter part of the 19th Century in Medocino California. He bred Border Collies he brought with him from Scotland with the herding dogs brought to California by Basque herders to create a hardy breed for herding sheep and cattle on his ranch. It became a popular dog among ranchers and herders in Northern California with its reputation spreading later in the 20th Century. Please do not call these wonderful dogs "curs" or "black mouth curs". They are a specialized but oh so lovable working dog with a name, the McNab.

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