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The PWC breed’s origin and history are traced back to the early 1107 AD. Some experts say that these dogs were brought in the country of Wales by the Vikings. They were used as herding dogs back in the 10th century. They are believed to be related to the Keeshonds, Pomeranians, Samoyeds, and the Chow Chows.

Interesting Facts

  1. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis are becoming popular in the USA and ranks 20th in the American Kennel Club registration.
  2. PWC ‘s are increasingly becoming vulnerable in the UK because of the practice of tail-docking as well as the lack of breeders there.
  3. This breed is ranked eleventh in Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs.”

Temperament & Personality

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are very affectionate and quickly gets involved and becomes a part of the family. They are also an excellent watchdog because of their barking skills. Most Pembroke seeks the attention of everyone wherever they go and is a well-behaved dog. It is crucial to socialize the dog with other pets and children in its puppy stage to avoid any anti-social behaviour in the future. They love to chase anything that moves because of their natural herding skills. Corgi has a lifespan of about 12-15 years which is considered as one of the longest amongst dogs. Tricolor corgi is the cutest with three different colors like golden, black and white.



This breed only requires a small amount of regular exercise to keep itself fit and healthy. They do need a daily walk if the owner does not have a significant open yard. Any form of mental stimulation will keep the dog busy as this is a herding breed.


Corgis frequently sheds so the owner should be well accustomed to this fact and must have a vacuum cleaner in their hand. Brushing their coat will keep the layer clean and will remove the excess hair. Grooming is only needed once in a while, trimming and stripping should frequently be avoided.

Health Problems

The Pembroke Corgis are true Achondroplastic, which means that they are an actual dwarf breed. Because of their diminutive stature, they are prone to specific health risks. They can suffer from Monorchidism, Von Willebrand's disease, Hip dysplasia, Degenerative myelopathy, etc. Genetic testings are available for this breed to avoid these risks. Lastly they are also prone to obesity.


The Corgis can take part in dog agility trials where they can show their showmanship, obedience, tracking and herding skills. Training will be quite easy as these dogs tend to listen to their trainer and obeys them, but repetitions of specific commands should be avoided.


They need a high-quality dry food on a daily basis. However, before deciding on any dog food, the owner must consult a proper Vet doctor.

7 Ways Corgis Show Affection

Corgis are like human beings and they also require attention and physical contact to remain happy. These are social animals and loving them is mutually advantageous. Canines cannot express their feelings for their owners by speaking but their actions show their love for owners. Dogs are loyal, loving, and show affection in different ways.


The licking habit of canines is not unpleasant for dog owners and people allow them to lick. The more the licking, the more the liking. However, you need to be cautious as your Corgi may become wild while showing affection.


Your dog may jump to show affection when you get home. The pooch shows care and it is out of excitement that your dog jumps on you.


Most of the time tail wagging is a friendly gesture and it is strong in front of an owner. Awkward tail wagging happens in front of strangers.  


Yawning is contagious when it comes to human beings but you will be surprised to know that it also happens between animals and humans too. When an owner yawns then the dog also yawns which is a sign of caring.

Eye Contact

Eye contact makes your dog feel loved and released the oxytocin hormone. However, eye contact is of two types i.e. threatening and affectionate. So you need to take care of this and never try to have an eye-contact with stranger dogs as they might bite you.


Leaning is like a hug. Your pooch may lean on you while you are sitting. The dog feels safe and shows affection as well.

Sleeping beside

Keep your canine well-groomed so he can sleep beside you without a problem. Cuddling while sleeping is a gesture of care and love. Dogs love sleeping with humans as they love them like family.

Are Corgis Good for Small Apartments?

The short tails and small legs of Corgis make them cute. These small dogs easily adapt to the surroundings and this makes them good for small Apartments. However, there are various things you should keep in mind when you are going to live in an apartment with this cute and small dog.  

Some many questions and doubts can make you worried if you are going to adopt this furry friend and you have limited space to live. However, we advise you get this dog anyway because the pooch will bring happiness to your apartment and feel even cozier with all the stress at bay. You will love to share an apartment with Corgis. This canine will fill your heart with joy and make the environment happy.  

Are Corgis good for small Apartments?

Yes, Corgis are good for sharing your small apartment because of several reasons. This breed is small and thus they do well in limited space. This dog loves cuddling and small space allows snuggling up faster. They are extremely adorable and even a small window in an apartment can do the work and they will be good for them. These are watchful canines and happy to look out of that small window. However, like other dogs, they also need an ample amount of walks for a healthy life. This dog breed causes no issue living in an apartment.  A park near your apartment is perfect and will make your dog happier than anything else.

Can Corgis live alone in an apartment?

They will not love to live alone but you can make the home super comfortable for your furry friend and suppress the negative emotions. Give a specific area to your dog, equip it with a small bed, blanket, and few toys. This way your Corgi will feel safe, warm, and playful when alone.

Do Corgis do well alone?

Corgis do not like to live alone for a long time because this is a herding breed meaning they were used for herding animals like sheep etc. This dog becomes stressed, depressed and causes destruction if the dog owner is not present or keeps the canine busy.  Thus it is important to keep them busy throughout the day. They need mental and physical stimulation twice a day.

As long as your Corgi is busy he will be happy. They can live alone for long time if stimulated and tired. Before you want to leave the dog at home you need to exercise your canine and make him do some extensive mental tasks. After coming you can repeat this process and play with your dog.  Teach it commands as this prevents boredom and eventually stops your dog from depression and destruction.

Do Corgis like to spend time alone?

When alone, Corgis gets destructive and very anxious.  Thus you should keep tiring your dog.  Try to be with your dog for as many hours as you can.  Corgis love to spend time with people and they are social dogs. These are high maintenance canines and being a herding dog they like to see the family members in one place.  

How long can Corgi stay at home all alone?

There is no single answer that can give information about this.  All corgis have individual tolerances and they are different from each other. Some corgis can live easily for long hours and some may behave stubbornly after half an hour. On average a Corgi can spend 3-4 hours for most. It is necessary to understand the tolerance levels to know how much time your pooch can live alone without any issue.

Do Corgis get along with other Corgis?

Corgis are more cautious of other dogs however they get along with other canines too. This is because of their breeding that has been used to produce generations. Early socialization helps them to get friendly with other dogs and behave well with other Corgis.  Some dogs thrive better only when they receive attention. Let us know how Corgis get along with other Corgis.   

Corgi’s Personality

Corgi is a smart, happy, loyal, and fun-loving dog. They are playful and sometimes stubborn.  They are little troublemakers and adorable that allows dog owners to laugh when they do some mischief. Corgis are great dogs when given proper training and attention. With early socialization, they develop a strong relationship with other Corgis too. They adjust easily with other pets in the house too but take some time.

Corgis may get aggressive when not familiar with other dogs but they don’t find it. However, if these dogs are not properly socialized then they will bark and chase at stranger animals or sometimes may even attack. These dogs have a history as farm dogs and great with livestock too. They generally get with other Corgis in some time and get familiar. Many of them will be friendly and depend on the individual dog.  

Final Words

It is necessary to socialize Corgis during the early stages. They do not socialize well initially and become aggressive when there are old dogs. You should introduce Corgis to other dogs when they are pups so they do not get afraid and get along with other canines easily.  Corgis like learning new tasks and tricks throughout the life. They love to think for themselves and thus socializing and training them is not a difficult task.

Why do Corgis sleep on their back?

Generally, a dog spends most of the time sleeping. Dogs are light sleepers and sleep more than ten hours a day.  They wake up suddenly in the slightest sound. When dogs sleep on their back it means they try to cool down their body.  Dogs cool themselves and they sweat in their paws. They try to adjust their body temperature and this may be the only purpose that they sleep on their back.  

Why sleeping on the back is relaxing for Corgis?

The belly is least covered with fur and thus when it comes in contact with the air, the dog feels cool. Corgis feel relaxed when they sleep on the back. However, it is worth noticing that they sleep on their back when they are inside the house and they feel secure.  Wild dogs do not sleep in this position as they have to ready for predators and need to be constantly alert.

Lying on the back is a sign of submission. Corgis are social and pack animals so they want to have a leader for their care. Canines sleeping with forepaws covering the chest and sleeping on the back indicate that they want some time for themselves and want that no one disturbs them.  

What does sleeping on the back indicates?

Corgis when sleep on their back shows the sign of submission.  If your pooch sleeps in this way then your dog shows the sign of loyalty and trust.   Corgis are independent and these signs are like an accomplishment. As a dog owner, you should feel good when your Corgi sleeps in this way.  The change in sleeping position is influenced by the atmosphere and the ambient air and the change in a sleeping position helps your dog to regulate body temperature.



Pembroke Welsh Corgi Facts

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Breed Type:


Other Names:

Pembroke, PWC, Pem, Corgi, Welsh corgi

Height & Weight:

10-12 inches & 24-31 pounds


Fawn, black and tan, black and white, red, blue

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Heavy Shedding



Average Litter Size:

6-7 puppies


12-15 years


Medium length, thick


$600-$1000(new puppies)


United Kingdom,[Europe]

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