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Saarloos Wolfdog was not bred for working purpose but as a household companion. Leendert Saarloos, a breeder from the Netherlands crossed European wolf with German shepherd dog in 1932. The outcome was paired again with sire, and it gave birth to Saarloos Wolfdog which was named as European Wolfdog by the creator. Till the year 1975, the dog preserved its name, but Dutch Kennel Club renamed as Saarloose Wolfdog to respect its inventor. It got recognition by the UKC (United Kennel Club) in 2006.

Temperament & Personality

They are extremely lively, reliable and affectionate to its family members. To release the excess energy they have an urge to move around. It inherits its shyness from its parent and also avoids unfamiliar situations. Socialization from an early age will make them good with children. Being skeptical of strangers they make excellent watchdogs. They start barking to inform its owner if they see any suspicious activity in their territory. Due to its gigantic size, it does not fit into a condo life.


They require at least 60 minutes of heavy exercising which includes jogging and running. It is mandatory for this breed to release excess energy and stress. If they do not get the adequate exercise, they can become destructive and might become excessive barkers. It is advisable to have a yard where they can play and roam freely. But make sure the yard has proper fencing or they can escape away if they find the weak fence.


Saarloos has high grooming standards due to its heavy coat. These puppies have a double coat with a soft undercoat and hard outer coat. They shed around the year, particularly during autumn and summer seasons. Hence, brushing their hairs four times a week will keep them clean and remove the loose furs.

Trim their nails when they overgrow and if they have tear stains, clean it with a damp wet towel. Brushing their teeth twice a week prevents tartar development and hinders oral problems. They can get catch ear infections due to water and dirt buildup. If not examined properly it can cause infections and pain. Clean their ears with Vet prescribed ear solution.

Health Problems

Saarloos puppies are prone to various health problems and selective breeding is essential to get a healthy puppy. They inherit some health issues from their parents and due to its larger size, it suffers from many complex problems like DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), Pituitary Dwarfism, Hip Dysplasia, Spondylosis, and Eye Diseases. However, occasional vet checkups like blood tests, X-ray, Eye checks, complete body checks keep the pet healthy. Its numerous health issues have demoralized the breed association for their casual breeding.


These dogs are brilliant and respond quickly. However, it needs a firm trainer to develop some boundaries. They are not very aggressive but become dominant at times. Due to its large size, it behaves as the leader, but a firm leadership can control it. For instance, allow the pup to follow the owner should and not follow the puppy.

Socializing at early stages is essential to develop proper behaviors. Exposing them to new people and pets will allow them to connect with them. Owners can take them to busy stops where they can meet new situations and people. Secondly, one can also ask their friends to bring their dog, etc. Commands training will strengthen the owner and puppy relationship by enhancing communication.


Saarloos is a large dog and requires best quality foods developed for larger breeds. It will also respond well to the foods made for working breeds. Apart from quality food, they need a healthy diet that is full of adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to energize them. 3-4 cups of high-quality dry dog food will be sufficient to maintain their health. However, owners need to be careful about their food consumption as they tend to obese.

Saarloos Wolfdog Facts

Saarloos Wolfdog


Breed Type:


Other Names:

Saarloos Wolf Dog, Saarloos Wolfhound,  Saarloos, Saarloos Wolfhond (Dutch), European Wolfdog

Height & Weight:

24-30 inches & 79-90 pounds


Wolf gray, white, red and brown

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:



Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:

4-6 puppies


10-12 years


Smooth, dense, Long and short





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