Activyl (Indoxacarb) for Dogs

Activyl is an antimicrobial formulation containing an active ingredient-Indoxacarb-for applying topically on pets to eliminate fleas and ticks. This antimicrobial or antiparasitic agent also helps wipe out larvae and eggs of mites and louses by obstructing their lifecycle. Activyl is available in the form of a solution usually yellowish in color (and often colorless and transparent) and applied directly on the skin using a pipette.

This antiparasitic agent is chiefly used for managing and preventing allergic dermatitis and flea infestations in pets, particularly cats and dogs. Vets, by and large, prescribe Activyl as a single or distinct mode of treatment for effectively dealing with flea-allergy dermatitis.     


Activyl at a Glance

Brand Name


Generic Name



Spot-on antimicrobial topical formulation (for killing fleas and ticks)

Active Ingredient

Indoxacarb: Activyl Spot-On

Indoxacarb, Permethrin: Activyl Tick Plus

Suitable for

Puppies and dogs, kittens and cats


Exclusively through a vet's prescription

Available Form

Topical solution (applied using a pipette or applicator)


How safe is Activyl for Dogs?

Do not offer Activyl to your pet:-

  • If the pet is nursing or pregnant or is being reared for breeding
  • If the animal is a puppy less than eight weeks old or weighs under 4 pounds


Action Mechanism of Activyl in Dogs

Indoxacarb which is the active ingredient in Activyl, is essentially an ectoparasiticide. Following application, the fleas and ticks consume the antiparasitic agent, and once Indoxacarb enters the parasites' gut, it becomes activated. Indoxacarb interferes with and inhibits the functioning of the nervous system of the parasites, eventually paralyzing them and killing them. 

Possible Side Effects

Side effects of the medication are rare, and in case they occur, they go away within 7-8 hours to a few days. Nevertheless, if you find that the symptoms or signs continue, get in touch with your vet as soon as possible.

Some of the side-effects that may occur include:-

  • Tenderness, hair loss or momentary itching in areas where the medication was applied
  • If the dog licks or bites on the applied areas, the pet might drool, squint, salivate or vomit

How Much Activyl Should I Offer To My Dog?

Activyl (Indoxacarb) content (mg)

 Dosage Volume (ml)

                    Pipette Size



Activyl tick plus/spot-on for puppies and toy dogs (4-14lb)



Activyl tick plus/spot-on for small dogs (14-22lb)



Activyl tick plus/spot-on for medium dogs (22-44lb)



Activyl tick plus/spot-on for large dog breeds (44-88 lbs)



Activyl tick plus/spot-on for oversized/very large dogs (88-132lbs)


Vets usually prescribe 15mg/kg (0.077 ml/kg) of Activyl, depending on the pet's weight. Every ml of Activyl contains approximately 195mg of the active ingredient-Indoxacarb. Use the above to choose the right pipette size for your pet dog.

Application Process

A full pipette of Activyl (based on the pet's size and weight) is administered directly onto the dog's skin. You create a furrow on the back or between the shoulder blades and empty the contents of the pipette. To apply the full content, squeeze the pipette firmly but do not apply excessively on any one particular area.

Applying just once suffices if you're using a puppy or a toy dog, while two applications are adequate for small-size dogs. Apply once over the tail and then again in between the shoulder blades. For medium-sized and large dogs, spread the formulation uniformly on 2-4 areas over the tail and beoulder blades.

Follow these tips for spot-on application of Activyl to your dog:-

  • Grasp the applicator (or pipette) with the end pointing upwards, turn your face away, and shatter the tip by slightly twisting it. Keep the broken information in a folded position.
  •  Before you start applying, ensure that your dog is standing. Now create a partition in its skin, position the pipette's tip against the dog's coat, and start squeezing out the solution.

Once you've applied the first dose of Activyl, you can repeat the application precisely after 30 days and not before. Wait for at least a couple of days to allow the medication to dry off thoroughly before shampooing, bathing, stroking or grooming your pet.

How Quickly Does Activyl Start Acting?

The mechanism of action of Activyl starts within 7-8 hours of your applying the topical formulation, and its effects remain for about a month. Activyl is waterproof, which implies that the drug continues to be effective against microbes even if you bathe your dog. Additionally, Activyl keeps on working against parasites during the daytime when you take your dog out for a walk.


Disclaimer: The above content is based on multiple research articles referred to online. Global Dog Breeds intends to share information, but it's strictly advised to consult a veterinarian and seek advice before using any medications described. We believe each condition and dog is unique, and only after careful evaluation from a qualified professional should you be offering any medications to your pet.


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