Adopting an Older Dog

The first option for interested people who wish own a pet is a puppy. But there are older dogs too which requires a family and a home, and they are just deserving like the puppies. Surprisingly, older pets offer innumerable benefits to their new families. According to the veterinarian, any dog that is more than seven years of age is thought out as senior dogs.

There are specific reasons why they are given up adds the loss of job, changes in schedule, the death of the owner, newborn baby in the family, shifting to another place and many more. These well-trained dogs find it longer to get homes than the immature puppies. The pet finder conducted a survey, and according to it the older dogs waited for long duration then small pups, some even don’t get adopted at all. It is one of the toughest jobs to find a shelter for them. Senior pets are not desirable, but it is one of the most beneficial choices.



They have skill and do not require primary training or command training like, “sit,” “stay,” “no,” “yes,” come” and many more. It will save energy and time as the owner does not have to engage in training sessions. However, they can be easily given training on new tricks if require. They are smart as puppies and have higher attention span than the puppies, which makes training easier.


Younger pets tend to have high energy and require particular attention like long exercising hours, walking hours, etc. On the other hand, the older ones are much calm and have achieved a specific disposition. It will quickly allow the owners to know how it will suit the new environment. They are out of their puppy phase which means less tearing down of the house. Few mix well with children due to their low energy or might have lived with them in the past.

Immediate Companions

They are not like puppies and do not require different types of training. These pets make instant companions who are ready to accompany their owners for a long walk or know how to play different kinds of games. They make an ideal workout partner and a loyal companion.

Trouble dogs

Many people think older dogs as problematic ones, but this is not true. They lose their homes due to a variety of reasons and have nothing to do with their disposition. Because their owners were unable to keep them for particular purposes. They need homes urgently as the pups do.


People adopt puppies and overlook pets that are above five years of age. Dog shelters are overfull, and unfortunately, they are the first who are put to death if they do not get a home timely. Adopting them not only saves their lives but also protects from putting down.

Lower food requirements

Lower energy level means lower food requirements. Hence, the owner does not have to struggle making homemade items or have to spend more on dry foods. For instance, a puppy requires 3 to 4 cups of dry dog foods a day, a senior pet will need maximum 2 cups.

Low Exercise

They are little energetic and do not require substantial exercising schedule like immature puppies. Hence, it is best for people who like to have a small walk and spend the day on a couch. It is tough to find a perfect fit pet according to the activity level, but it is an advantage if one adopts a senior pet.


It takes lots of courage to train pups to housebreak. On the other hand, senior pets know this technique correctly and do not require extra training. However, it just needs simple instruction to adjust to the new environment, but the most are already complete. Bringing home a senior dog saves money on ruined cushions, chewed furniture, other surprises is a significant advantage.


Higher Medical Bills

A senior pet will have higher medical bills as compared to the immature ones. However, it is not sure whether the younger one will be perfectly fit. It is a fact that with increasing age pets tends to weak and requires proper veterinary care just like humans. The cost of medicines and veterinary care is something that requires consideration.

Short span

It is true whenever a pet is adopted, family members build up a relationship with them. Adopting a senior pet means very limited time together as their lifespan will be short and losing someone is very traumatic.

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