Are German Shepherds playful?

A German Shepherd may give you a feeling of guard dog or police or military dog, helping them in performing their duties. They look aggressive and spiteful, but that is not the reality with GSDs. They love to play a lot and go out for regular walks. German Shepherds are active breeds and they have a tendency to sweat it out. Their playful nature also helps in keeping them healthy and far from any disease.

German Shepherds are high spirited dogs that enjoy playing sessions with their master. They are smart breeds that are easily trained and quite active. It is their unstoppable energy that makes them mischievous and unmanageable sometimes. It is better to take them out for daily exercises so that they can stay in good shape and are convenient to handle. They like to indulge in regular playful activities as it suits their aggressive nature. 

Does their playful nature make them “Bitey Puppies”

German Shepherds like to play fetch. While playing the game they bite any object that is thrown towards them. GSD’s earned their reputation as ‘land sharks’ for their mouthing tendencies. It is buried deep in their genes. Therefore, they become very ‘bitey.’ You can correct their habit by providing them proper training. 

Do they like to play rough?

Shepherds tend to play rough with both people and other dogs. They are intense animals and do not have a soft mouth like retrievers. They also do not have delicate playfulness like small breeds, but they play rough and wild. It may take a minute for you to realize that the GSD’s are playing with the other dogs and not trying to kill them while you see them grasping their throat in the jaws.

How does their playful nature help them?

Intelligent dogs

Playing different games makes them intelligent too. Their intelligence to identify objects during play sessions makes them suitable to become a guard dog. They make quick decisions and help find solutions for many problems.

Potentially Vocal

GSDs like to bark a lot while playing with their master. GSD’s are dogs that whine for a variety of reasons like in excitement, stress, joy, to seek attention or get food. This is an important quality as it builds up an active nature and they bark loudly whenever they see an intruder.

Protects from health issues

Staying active is important for every dog. German Shepherds stay healthy for a long time if they indulge in playful activities regularly. Like many other purebred dogs, GSD’s too suffer from many health issues and medical conditions like hip dysplasia. It results due to poor breeding conditions thus regular physical activity is important for their body posture.

Is their playful nature the reason behind their fearless nature?

German Shepherds are known for their fearless attitude. Playing exuberant games since their early years makes them aggressive. An ideal German Shepherd is fearless, confident and bold. If they groom in a good environment and manner, they become socialized, become familiar with people, sounds and sights around them and develop intelligence to understand the behavior. GSD’s are devoted, protective, easily trained, and fun loving dogs.

Shepherds are generally protective. Therefore, they warn you against any intruder or outsider. However, they will become calm and quiet if you welcome your guests in the way of accepting them. If their grooming takes place along with other pups since their young age, they turn to be playful pets!


It will make all sense if German Shepherds are k/a job dogs! While breeders raise them in a kennel, they undergo training through different situations and tasks which indulge mental as well as physical exercises. They need constant attention to save them from a mental state of isolation, boredom and become destructive. Playing games is the best way to help them get rid of stress and boredom. Shepherds are smart and active which enable them to have focused attention on training, the capability to learn quickly. They can be best as a guard, a guide dog, a search or rescue dog and almost anything except a couch potato. GSD’s cannot withstand fool or wimpy owners, so to pet a Shepherd you need to be smart enough to take care of them appropriately.


It is important that you play with them on a regular basis. Playing games helps them in improving learning capabilities. German Shepherds are the best companions, as they will never leave you out of sight. They guard the family, they live with, instinctively. Their body, size, reputation, and instincts all make them accomplish their goals to become trained to protect their masters or owners. It will, however, demand your level of commitment and care towards itself. Otherwise, it can develop annoying habits of unnecessary barking, food stealing, digging, and other undesirable behavior and activities. Click here to know more about German Shepherds’ unique abilities.

How to make them playful?

No matter how good a breeder you get your pup, it is not ready-made until and unless you do not make it learn and teach it about the new surroundings.

It is necessary to train the GSDs in a suitable manner that will not only help you but also keep your dog active and smart. There are some simple activities that you can perform to train your dog and make him more intelligent and playful.

Puppy Hide and Seek

It is a fun game to make your GSD pup learn and enjoy.

  1. Make the pup to sit-stay (or get someone to hold him) and hide behind a wall or a tree. Wait for a few moments, then call his name out loud and clear in a high pitch.
  2. When the pup finds you praise it and praise it, as it will understand! Keep on making the activity harder by going to a farther and more difficult fetching place than before.

Find the little object pup

The game will let your dog learn to reach you through smell. It makes his smelling senses stronger and indulges him in an activity which can later prove helpful. The game is‘fresh smell discrimination’ training.

  1. Let your helper hold your GSD pup and let it watch you putting various objects on the floor such as coke can, empty toilet paper roll, small boxes, pebbles, and pieces of wood (wear a glove, if possible). Keep the pup’s favorite item like a toy or a ball in your hand or your pocket hidden from it.
  2. Walk back towards your pup and casually throw the item in your hand among the objects you have kept and say Fetch!
  3. Let the helper release the pup and make him find out the object with your smell. When he does that successfully praise it and reward it with its favorite meals, make the activity harder by keeping objects like your socks or handkerchief among the other objects.

It will make the pup learn to discriminate scents and recognize you with your smell. Teaching the new puppies may take persistence and patience along with your dedication. But the more efforts and time you put in with your GSD pup, more rewards await you in the future. You will be in the course of getting a best friend for the whole of life. It will be your protector, helper, and best companion.

Does their playful nature make them good family dogs?

Highly Adaptable breed

One of the best features of German Shepherds is that they are highly adapting dogs, which can adjust in almost every lifestyle. They have flexibility in their behavior which can smoothly go with your way of living. Show affection towards them by playing different games and they will adapt faster.

Love to play with children

GSDs love to play with children if they are taught well from an early age. Proper training with love, respect, and care will make them a member of your family. They will not only love to play with children games like freebie but will also take utmost care of them.

Best Companions

German Shepherds are wonderful companions. They are friendly and sweet towards the families with they live. You can never feel alone when you have a pet like GSD. They are ideal companions and friends for the people with the ones it is familiar. Playing outdoor games with them helps in building a sense of companionship.

Quick and active learners

They are a great help for a family as they learn to follow the commands very quickly and perform them fast. From cleaning to bringing things to its master, finding a lost item to catching an intruder, it can execute almost every task in a disciplined manner.

Keep up your health too!

German Shepherds need some daily exercise to stay healthy and in good shape. At least 30 minutes a day is necessary for them to keep fit as they are an active dog breed. Playing with them keeps their master fit as well. In an attempt to make them active you will too get to have a workout through daily exercises as an additional benefit. In a way the GSDs also keep their masters fit.

Related Questions

How to identify a German Shepherd dog breed?

Answer: They appear to be of high physical capacities, mental alertness, and athletic agility.They have slightly angled hind legs, bushy tails, square head, and pointed ears and a long muzzle.

What common health problems does GSD suffer?

GSD is usually energetic dogs and very playful, but they can suffer some serious health issue which can make them dull. The health problems that they face include Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, Keratitis, or elbow Dysplasia.

What tasks can a well-trained ‘Job Dog’ perform?

They are capable and intelligent working dogs and can excel at almost anything from guide and assistance to handicapped, police and military service, search and rescue operations, drug detection, competitive obedience, and herding.

What is the life span of German Shepherd?

The life span of a GSD is from 10 to 14 years.

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