Are Pit bulls good with small dogs?

Pit bulls have aggressive traits, but their nature depends on the training provided. They are indistinct as they contain a range of pedigree breeds that are informal types. You cannot wholly rely on appearances to identify them. There is somehow lousy reputation associated with pit bull dogs that they are very dangerous and most aggressive dogs. It is not the full truth. So, it is necessary to know their characteristics well before interpreting any image.

Can they be dangerous for small dogs?

Pit bulls might be dangerous for small dogs. They were developed to make good fight dogs, and it is the reason why they are very agile and active. But it doesn’t mean that all Pitbulls are same. Just like deprived children who grow up in lack of proper grooming, uncivilized dogs without appropriate training and care develop the instinctive macho character that does not allow an infringement in their territory. Somehow, if you train a pit bull to get along with other animals and humans well, it will learn to behave. In that case, it may befriend a small pup or dog that you introduce in the family.

How do pit bulls behave with small dogs?

Now the answer here depends entirely on the grooming and upbringing. These dogs are often found making headlines, which is more often bad news. Either it is about an attack on a child or shooting by police, which is a tale of abuse and neglect. Most news has a hair-trigger temper and lock-jawed bite. But as per experts, such image of a pit bull is all a result of their aggressiveness due to their suffering at the hands of irresponsible owners that draws the dog’s macho image provoking it for fighting. In general, pit bulls aren’t aggressive, but they are ‘less tolerant’ of other dogs.

The reason behind Aggressive Nature of the Pit Bulls

Let’s dig deeper into their history to get a better understanding of their nature and behavior and also the reasons behind it. The breed was selected to fight bulls, kill rats, bears and then fight with other dogs. It brings out an image that these dogs are ‘vicious’ by nature. Pit bulls overall are versatile dogs engaged in different tasks. Their determination, willingness to please, versatility, etc. allowed them to excel in whatever training they got from humans. The breed used to indulge in dog fighting in the past days, but the majority of pit bulls seen nowadays are very far from ‘fighting lines’ of their ancestors.

People often assume that as the pit bull’s history goes, these dogs ‘seek enjoyment’ in fighting with other dogs or just ‘hate’ other dogs. The anthropomorphic beliefs are far from reality. The dogs indulged in fights were mostly the ones who underwent abusive behavior and neglect. The pit bulls used to remain in chains or cages with little food or water.

It is therefore easy to assume that pit bulls are genetically predisposed to be aggressive towards other dogs. It can be true to an extent but not entirely reliable. Expecting all dogs to be aggressive towards other breeds will be an injustice as genetic tendencies to vary. Many different kinds like Maltese, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Labs, etc. who even do not have a history of dog fighting are intolerant for other dogs. It tells us that aggression towards other dogs can happen in any dog regardless of the breed or genetics.

What makes Pit Bulls Aggressive By Nature?

Pit bulls have the high mental and physical strength that makes them excellent companions to active, caring, and responsible owners. On the other hand, the same qualities can make it a little challenging to handle for people who have little experience of dog ownership, and the ones who do not understand the breed well. Pit bulls are very adaptable and live well in urban areas too. They must get enough exercising sessions and positive outlets for energy. They remain playful throughout their life and have a great sense of humor. The dogs can make you laugh like no other.

Pit bulls are energetic, strong, powerful, and agile. ‘Determination’ is one of their most remarkable traits. They accomplish their tasks with whole heart and soul. These dogs show fantastic love for people and are remarkably affectionate. They crave for human attention and are lovely and cuddly. Most Pit bulls think that they are lap dogs! However, Pit bull owners must also be aware of the extraordinary fighting abilities of the breed and always keep in mind that they can inflict severe injuries to the other animals. There may be chances that the pit bull does not start the hostilities, but it will fight like a pro when the situation comes.

Are fatal Pit bull attacks frequent?

The news of pit bull attacks makes most headlines quoting a pit bull attack resulted in death or severe injury. People tend to believe it as heard without trying to find the facts. As for possibilities, an individual is more likely to die from a falling coconut than Pit bull attack. There were few death instances heard from taking over the counter Aspirin. Such cases are sporadic, so people or pets dying from pit bull attack is a hyped statement. It may be due to the bias of Pit bull haters.

Does Pit bull make good pets?

There are a few facts that make pit bulls ideal breeds to pet. Pitbulls:

  • Are relatively healthy than any other race
  • Do not require much grooming
  • Are eager to please people
  • Are often very athletic
  • Are hilarious and super loyal dogs
  • Are great with children

Are Pit bulls a good choice when you have a small dog at home?

The question is the same as asking whether the less fortunate children are good or bad. A variety of factors is responsible for the dog’s behavior like its breeding, upbringing, etc.

As per the statistical analysis, 86.8% American Pit Bull Terriers passed their temperament test according to the American Temperament Test Society. A higher number of Pit bulls pass their tests as compared to other breeds like Beagles, Golden Retrievers, and Collies, etc. Out of 122 canine tests by the society, Pit bulls ranked fourth for passing temperament tests.

Hence, it is a breed that can be kept at home, along with other smaller pets. You only need to ensure that they are socialized since the very beginning and are trained to live along with others. Having said that! Regular observation of their behavior has to be done by the pet owner.

Are Pit Bulls Entirely Safe?

Well, the assertion does not mean that pit bulls are entirely safe to bring with you in a park to mingle with just any dog or small dogs around. Predicting it or any other dog to be completely safe will somehow be boastful. No dog can be 100 percent secure. Still, an unfortunate fact is that in any incident at the dog park, a finger is easily pointed to a pit bull, regardless of the circumstances.

Just as any other dog, there are chances that a pit bull may develop some kind of dog aggression at a point of time. When dogs are in tender age, they are easy to get along with other dogs, but as they mature, they become more selective. There is no certainty, though, or a rulebook to follow. You can find a pit bull that can get along with any dog, including small ones, or it can be intolerant towards other dogs. It can randomly be just any dog or maybe a particular breed that your pit bull may dislike. Hence, a pit bull’s tolerance and temperament to any other dog is a result of several factors like socialization, level of training, genetics, resilience, and past experiences, etc.

Compatibility between different dog breeds

It is essential to know which kinds of dogs are compatible with pit bulls to avoid any dog fights. How well do your current pets accept a newcomer depends majorly on their health, age, gender, traits, genetics, instinct, personality, size, and so on.

Though there are a few exceptions, pit-bull terrier-type breeds were to go after ‘critters.’ It is the reason why they may not be able to regulate their instincts to chase or kill the new puppy. It is a common finding that American Pit bull terriers are among the dog breeds that may not get along well with other pooches. It is due to their aggressive behavior. So, it is better to adapt your pit-bull well to get along with other canines before introducing a new small guest to your house.


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