Bloat In Dogs

Bloat stays high on the list when it comes to canine diseases. Bloat in humans is harmless, rather a casual condition, but in dogs, it can be fatal. Treatment as soon as possible can save an animal's life. Some experts even say that, if the dog does not receive proper treatment, it can die within hours. By knowing the signs and symptoms of bloat, the owner can save the life of the dog.

Definition of Bloat and why does it happen?

Bloat is also called as Gastric dilatation or Volvulus, or GDV. This condition is often not understood by the Vets initially. GDV is a disease where the stomach gets filled with gases and gets twisted up. Disregarding the actual cause of bloat, the dog needs immediate treatment to save its life. If not treated, the stomach will become distended, and the pressure will reach the diaphragm.

Then the pressure will cut blood flow to the heart. The extreme pressure can damage the tissues and cause stomach rupture. Sometimes the spleen also twists with the stomach.There are various theories concerning the development of bloat. Although the large breeds are more prone to bloat, chances are a medium or a small sized dog can also suffer from this condition.

Signs of Bloat

It's hard to tell the exact reason of bloat in dogs. It's essential to know the signs of bloat. Some of the symptoms in canines are as follows:

1.Swollen stomach

2.Lots of drooling

3.Panting while walking

4.Make deliberate and constant sounds

Extreme Consequences of Bloat

1.Sudden collapse

2.Developing Pale gums

3.Rapid Heartbeat

4.Shortness of breath and weakness

If an Owner notices these signs in his pet, he should immediately call the Vet.

Necessary Steps

Consult the Vet, as there’s nothing the owner can do when a dog gets a bloat attack. Its life threatening and no one should wait for the morning to come. If the owner is not sure that the dog might be having bloat attacks, he should immediately call the emergency helpline.


Afer the results of X-ray and Bloodwork are out, and the Vet confirms that the dog is suffering from bloat, surgery is the only solution. Through this surgery, the Vet surgeon will reach the abdomen and untwist the stomach. The surgeon will sew the stomach to prevent it from twisting again. This entire process is gastropexy. If the Vet also finds an issue with the spleen, the surgeon may even surgically remove the spleen with a part of the stomach. According to records, a third of the dog which receives the surgery may die as well, as a result of sudden trauma.

Life after Surgery

It’s a big surgery so that the dog will rely on its owner for the recovery period. The owner will have to make sure that the dog does not tear up the site of surgery. The dog will also need frequent dose of antibiotics and pain relieving drugs. Exercise during this period will cause damage.

Can we Prevent Bloat?

For some dogs, bloat can be prevented before it becomes an issue for the animal. Some dogs which are at higher risks of developing bloat, a Prophylactic prior Gastroplexy can help to avoid future risks. In case a dog has to go through an abdominal surgery for another reason, the surgeon can combine the two surgeries and conduct a single surgery.

Non-Surgical prevention of Bloat refers to:

1.Dividing and feeding the meals everyday

2.Feeding on an elevated bowl of a food

3.Ignoring Dry kibbles

4.Frequent water consumption

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