Are French Bulldogs Dangerous?

French Bulldogs are medium-sized breeds that have an aggressive nature. Though they have an engaging personality they can be dangerous if they are tempted. However, most of us often wonder that are French Bulldogs dangerous? If yes, then up to what extent? Are they aggressive on some occasions like other dogs or always have a bad temperament?

French Bulldogs are not dangerous; instead, they are affectionate towards their owners. The aggressive character of French Bulldogs makes them look dangerous. These medium-sized dogs have that “Big Dog” personality and they like to act like they are the boss. Their snappy and snarling nature might make them look dangerous. But these are just signs of aggression and the owner needs to learn how to deal with their aggression.

French Bulldogs Temperament - Some Interesting Facts

  • French Bulldogs are tough during training especially when it comes to house training. They can be stubborn, so they need to be handled patiently during this period.
  • They are smart and remain eager to please by showing off how intelligent they are.
  • They have a lot of emotions and dislike yelling or speaking harshly. Love is the key to calming them down when they are in a bad mood.
  • Usually, they are polite to everyone and don’t bark much. They bark and show anger when they feel that there is an intruder in the house.
  • French bulldog thrives on the attention of the owner and other family members and becomes anxious when left out for a long time. They become dangerous if they develop separation anxiety, so make sure that you don’t leave them alone for a long time.

Male French Bulldogs compared with Female French Bulldogs

Male French Bulldogs are more aggressive when compared to their female counterparts. Females are affectionate and timid while males tend to be boisterous and playful. There is a big difference between the two as females are easier to train. It takes extra effort and more time to train male French Bulldogs. Males are aggressive from their early years while female French Bulldogs develop aggression as they grow older. Though females are temperamental they are quick to respond to aggression if they are tempted.

Signs that show that a puppy French bulldog can be dangerous in future

It can be really difficult to predict how a young puppy will behave when it grows up. You need to give time to the young ones and show affection towards them. Bull Dogs can be aggressive when they grow up. They like to stay busy while playing with their masters. They can growl loud to show their aggression. Though they go along well with other pets at home, there are times when they can have a “Big Dog Attitude.” French Bulldogs enjoy the attention and want everyone to stay around them. From their early years, you need to let them know that you are the master. You must teach them what is bearable and what is not acceptable.

Is a French bulldog the right pet choice?

There is a misconception that French Bulldogs are dangerous. Excessive barking makes them look dangerous but these are emotions that they show from time to time. They have a clingy nature and some breeds tend to develop “Velcro Dog syndrome.” None of these characteristics makes them dangerous and you just need to train them from an early age. The French bulldog is well-behaved and charming. Being a companion breed, they are always fond of people and particularly of the family.

They like to pull the leash fast when they want to go out for a walk. You must understand their nature when you keep them as a pet. People have a misconception that they pull the leash to bite someone or show intolerance. Outdoors is always interesting and it gives them plenty of options to play around with. So next time when your French Bulldog starts pulling the leash take them out for a walk instead of shouting at them.

Are French bulldogs more Dangerous than Other Dog Breeds?

As a puppy, French bulldogs have incredible energy. The energetic canine always finds their way into trouble. They play rough and chew their toys. Adults can become destructive if not given proper guidance. They become strikingly more stubborn with age, and this becomes problematic if not treated with care. This stubbornness manifests into bad behavior and temperament.

Typical French bulldogs are loyal, obedient, playful and very loving so it is not a trouble to keep them under control.

Are they dangerous to other Pets?

The French bulldog is typically tolerant and non-aggressive. They are social creatures and get along with other dogs well. However, competitiveness can occur sometimes. Male French bulldogs are more aggressive toward another male dog rather than toward a female dog. It is better to expose your faithful friend to other pets from a young age so that they learn to adjust to other dogs and pets most appropriately. Generally, it is safe to introduce French bulldog to other pets.

Are French Bulldogs dangerous for Children?

French bulldogs are extremely good with children. These dogs belong to a mischievous breed that loves to be involved in almost everything. They are a companion to the children as they do not expect anything but time.

Although these dogs are not aggressive towards children, there are exceptions. So it is important to supervise them while playing. Kids also need to understand the behaviour of a dog and know how to treat them. Children should also be educated so that they can play safely with this little creature.

Do French bulldogs bite?

French Bulldogs do not bite typically however they may nip when antagonized. These dogs trust human beings. Though this does not make them good guard dogs, they only bark when anyone enters the home.

Do French bulldogs try to obtain dominance over everyone?

French bulldogs possess dominant behavior. The owner can discourage this behavior by assigning them a task such as picking up their toys. Sometimes the dominance can also be seen when two of them live together, especially of the same gender. It is often observed that these dogs try to dominate the owner too and feel they are its property. It feels more powerful than the leader. For this purpose, it is important to modify the conduct and provide them training to stay under control. Praise your dog for its efforts so that they try its best to please you.

Do French bulldogs not listen to their owners?

Sometimes these small creatures are stubborn and do not even listen to the commands of their owner. In this case, the master should be consistent with the commands. The assertive and calm approach is very important to deal with this situation. Try to practice the basic commands even if they have mastered them. Use hand commands while talking to them.

What are the ways to manage a French bulldog’s negative behavior?

Aggression toward other dogs

If your French bulldog has aggressive behavior towards other dogs, then try to socialize with him as much as possible. Look for the situations that trigger your dog’s aggression and try to eliminate them. Reward your pet when it interacts successfully with other canines.

Excessive Barking

If the dog is barking excessively, pay attention to this condition as French bulldogs do not bark much. This can be due to various reasons. Your dog might be seeking attention or expressing anxiety and distress. Barking might be an alarm too.

Chewing household goods and clothes

A young French bulldog chews bones and clothes more often as its teeth are itching and growing, but an adult dog relieves stress and hunger by it. Moreover, lack of exercise and separation anxiety can also be the cause of excessive chewing.

Begging all the time

If a dog begs whenever the owner eats something, then the problem is due to the owner himself. This nature does not make them dangerous but it certainly brings negative conduct in this breed. For instance, if you give something to the dog while he begs then it knows very well that begging is the best way to get the thing from a human. So ignore and do not pay attention.

Related Questions

Can French Bulldogs face health problems due to their aggression?

Their aggressive nature is the key to their good health. French Bulldogs can develop obesity if they are not active. It is important to keep them busy and take them out for a walk. Obesity can lead to other health problems that put them at a higher risk.

What is the best form of exercise for French Bull Dogs?

Outdoor play sessions are the best for French Bull Dogs. Daily exercise keeps them fit and healthy. Also, playful activities keep this breed in a happy mood.

What is the best way to teach them socialization?

To make French Bulldogs sociable creatures it is important to train them from their early years. If required, then you can send them to puppy training classes but it is really important to teach them certain stuff that will help them when they grow up. Proper training makes them sociable breeds and develops socialization skills

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